Reasons to Implement Real Estate CRM

Posted January 18, 2021 by JaneEdisonn

Relationships with people are vital for real estate companies.
Relationships with people are vital for real estate companies. They rely on customers and leads, and they have to focus on ways to attract their attention, and eventually convert them into buyers. The good news is that there are many tools available on the market that facilitate communication and interaction, impacting also productivity and planning. Real estate CRM and an auto dialer for real estate agents are very good examples and once you learn more about them, you will want these solutions within your business.

Why Real Estate CRM

Real estate CRM proves to be highly beneficial, especially for avoiding losing potential leads. When you organize data using spreadsheets, it can easily get lost and it is hard to share the information with the entire team, especially when every broker needs to input data. With CRM, you can store, edit, and save all kind of information, and from different sources, such as inquiries via official websites, social media, phone calls, email, and more. Interested buyers’ requests will not remain unanswered and brokers will not miss the opportunity to make a sale.

CRM is useful to analyze leads from marketing campaigns, to see which of them are effective and which require improvement or simply not invest money in that direction anymore. How fast agents respond to inquiries makes a difference. It is better to deal with them as soon as possible, so that potential buyers will not lose their interest or find what they need elsewhere. Even if they are working remotely or are on the field, brokers can receive inquiries on their mobile phones, laptops, and they can respond in a timely manner. Some tools have features such as auto-responders that send automated responses, even when you are unavailable. Messages can be customized based on the leads’ actions.

What Is an Auto Dialer for Real Estate Agents?

An auto dialer for real estate agents is an outbound calling system that automatically dials contacts within a given list. It has revolutionized many industries, especially the ones that have to make several phone calls every day. However, based on the tool you choose, you can find many other features. For example, it can detect answering machines and disconnected calls, busy tones, and knows when an actual person answers the phone. An available agent will be able to talk with the person who answers. Real estate agents can improve their productivity, generate more leads, and supervisors can monitor call quality anytime.

The auto dialer is able to improve prospective operations. Manual dialing is eliminated, there are no more dropped calls or misdialing. There is always room for improvement when it comes to performance and productivity in call quality. Manual dialing leads to less talk time and real estate agents need to make the most out of their calls. When the process is automated, agents can focus more on talking with leads and handles every call with utmost importance. At the same time, agents should not waste their time with prospects that are not interested in making a purchase. The auto dialer can take every lead through a series of questions to find out the buying position.

Real estate agents have many tasks to handle on a daily basis, they are always on the go, talking over the phone, sending emails, meeting clients, visiting properties, attend meetings, and more. They need a powerful tool to handle all these activities and real estate CRM is very useful. Most repetitive tasks can be automated, so that agents can focus on the most important ones. Many companies understand the importance of increasing productivity and performance and they decide to invest in CRM and make this a priority. There are so many solutions on the market, and it is not hard to find one that meets your needs.

Retaining more customers is as important as finding new ones. Not to mention that satisfied ones recommend services and companies to their friends and relatives. Through recommendations it is easier to capture the market. Using real estate CRM, you can communicate with customers through several ways, one of the most popular ones being email. You can send newsletters periodically, so they know what is happening within your business and if they see something interesting, they can get in touch or send the message to people they know. Real estate CRM can be integrated with other platforms you use, including social media, websites, marketplace listings. Another great benefit this tool offers is customer segmentation. They can be segmented by income, demographics, industry they are part of, and the position they have in the sales funnel. Also, based on their requirements and interests, real estate brokers can find properties that suit them and notify them to schedule visits. It is easier when you have such a tool at your disposal, because it is easier to track progress and keep up with all tasks.

Where to Look for an Auto Dialer

Finding an auto dialer for real estate agents is not a challenge anymore, because due to high requests and competition, providers offer some amazing tools. They are fully featured, easy to integrate, and have an easy-to-use interface. These aspects matter greatly to agents, because they should be able to implement and use the dialer right away and get familiar with it effortlessly.

Even though an auto dialer for real estate agents is mainly used for calling, texting is a nice feature as well, because many people prefer it over talking on the phone. Call recording capabilities are essential to help agents and supervisors understand leads better and offer suitable services.

An auto dialer for real estate agents might have caller ID and in case you want to engage easier with leads from different locations, you can allow agents to change their area code. There are so many solutions on the market these days and all it takes is doing some research to find the ones that suit your needs the most. Of course, you have to know them as well and analyze your activities and what agents require to improve their productivity.
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