Tips To Prevent Water Damage in your Home

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Each year, homeowners in the United State rack up about $11 billion in water damage costs around the country
Summary: Each year, homeowners in the United State rack up about $11 billion in water damage costs around the country. Water damage claims represent about 20 percent of all insurance claims. Of those claims, insurance expert's state that 93% of the damages incurred could have been prevented by taking simple precautionary measures.

Regular Repairs

While some water damage is the result of rain or flooding, more than half of America's water damage claims are due to leaks from inside the home. Leaks are the result of a number of issues, including: old or malfunctioning appliances, frozen or burst pipes, and other plumbing issues. Damaged or aged washing machines and water heaters, in particular, are the most common culprits.

Most household leaks can be easily prevented through regularly schedule maintenance on major appliances. Homeowners should make sure that their refrigerators, AC and heating unit, washing machines, and dishwashers, and water heaters are regularly inspected by professionals and receive the necessary maintenance. Smaller, periodic repairs can save homeowners thousands of dollars in water damage claims and keep appliances working longer.

Shut-Off System and Leak Detection Systems

Along with regular maintenance, homeowners are advised to invest in a shut-off system and leak detection system. These systems usually involve the placement of a small sensor somewhere in the home-usually on the ground-in order to detect the accumulation of water. A leak detection system will inform homeowners of the leak, while an automatic shut-off system will automatically turn off the house's water main. These systems are extremely beneficial because of their 24 hour surveillance capabilities. Even if homeowners are away, they can be assured that their house is protected.

Recognize the Signs

Detecting and preventing Water Damage Mitigation is easy as long as homeowners recognize the signs. Standing water is one of the most obvious signs of water damage and can often indicate a possible threat against your home. Standing water outside of your home can lead to potential damage, especially if it exists close to the foundation.

Water stains in your home are also an indicator that something is not right. Water stains on the walls or on the ceiling can signify burst pipes, leaks in the roof, cracks in the foundation, and other potentially serious problems. To prevent these types of problems, have your home regularly inspected by a licensed professional.

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