Anti UAV Ship Laser Defense Weapon- This is a nice work but not good enough yet

Posted April 1, 2022 by jetlasers22

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It is well-known that the United States Navy has been the most powerful naval force ever built in human history. My next statement may offend our current President, however, I believe the United States of America to be the greatest nation in history. We must also have a strong military to defend the American people, our trading partners and our broad interests, as well as our allies around the globe. The United States Navy has the ability to project power unmatched in history.

The United States Navy currently has an anti-unmanned aircraft vehicle laser defense weapon that can take down UAVs from several miles away. Although it may sound like something from Star Wars or science fiction, this weapon is now part of our arsenal. A Raytheon laser defense weapon mounted aboard a US Navy ship was able to shoot down an UAV from over two miles away. This is quite impressive, but this is a first-generation laser weapon. It's not good enough for modern battlespaces with swarming strategies, but it's nice.

In the future, our adversaries will use swarming strategies to launch multiple weapons at our ships in order to overwhelm our defense systems. Even though missiles can be used to destroy anti-ship incoming ordnance, the laser weapon will continue to be the weapon of choice for protecting our aircraft carriers and fleet. In the near future, laser systems will be able track multiple targets and possibly even hundreds of thousands and capture them all. We live in the current, and not the future.

It makes sense to start working on this as soon possible, so we have these defenses in place. We have seen some success in recent tests but it is time to take this game to the next level. This will allow us to maintain the best Navy in the world. We must improve the laser weapons and make them more accessible. All this is important. For more detail visit
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