Do Gaudan or Adopt a Cow, Only With Krishnayan Gauraksha

Posted May 6, 2022 by johnmullins

Give your cows here or adopt one and keep at home like your mother to sanctify your life.
HARIDWAR (May 6th, 2022) - Cows are considered as mothers of Hindus. Yet, they are the most neglected of all domestic animals in India. Just as we are nurtured by our mothers, cows nurture the entire mankind with milk and every other dairy product that we make out of it. The holy cow is so important that according to Vedic traditions, the last rites of a Hindu can never be performed without the Panchamrit that comes specifically from a cow. There are thousands of cows languishing on the streets unattended, uncared for or hanging upside down in a butcher shop. And this is in North India alone. So how do we deal with this grave challenge?

Krishnayan Gauraksha. The one organization that is a Gauraksha Goshala for our Vedic mothers that is moving heaven and earth to provide safety to cows. Based in the holy city of Haridwar, Krishnayan Gauraksha is a Gaushala and an organization that provides shelter to cows picked from the streets or from farmers who have no use of them anymore. This prevents the cows from gallivanting on the streets like orphans and also from being transported to butcher shops in India and abroad. They encourage each Hindu to participate in Gaudan, also known as cow donation which incurs a lot of Punya for the donator. They also encourage Hindus to adopt a cow of possible following Vedic precepts as dictated by the Gods themselves.

"We have come a long way since we began. We don't believe in empty, vicious, political-minded protests that do more harm than good. Rather, we chose to take action without relying on anyone, including the government. Ultimately, each of us will be responsible for our own actions before God. Our organization Krishnayan Gauraksha has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to Vedic minded Hindus who joined us and have been helping to protect and shelter the starving and destitute cows. Remember, we'll not be judged in how we respond to other religions in their treatment of cows. We will be judged on how we followed the Vedas and treated our own Vedic mothers. We implore and beseech you in the name of Govinda Gopala to join us, fellow Hindus.

"Surrender to me. I'm the wish fulfilling cow — Sri Bhagawada Gita 18:66, 10:28"", said the founder of Krishnayan Gauraksha.

About Krishnayan Gauraksha:
Krishnayan Gauraksha is an organization based in Haridwar that is dedicated to the protection, safety, nurture and care of cows.

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