Turkish Islamic Microfinance Company Qintar Is All Set To Begin the Public Sale of Qintarcoin

Posted June 21, 2021 by johnmullins

All of their microfinance opportunities and investment pools shall follow the strict protocols of what is allowed and prohibited according to the laws of Islam.
ISTANBUL (June 21th, 2021) - Turkish Islamic microfinance company Qintar is all set to launch their own Qintarcoin and will be making a public sale for it. They have announced that they will be doing the sale on https://emirex.com/. With this sale, Qintar will become the first Islamic Decentralized Finance ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency in the market. It is also the world's first First Decentralized Islamic Finance DAPPs that is built on Polkadot and Moonbeam. With this move, Qintar DeFi will become the most valuable Microfinance Murabaha in the entire Middle Eastern region.

The purpose Qintar DeFi was formed was to help people obtain cryptocurrency who aren't otherwise knowledgeable about it. Cryptocurrency is still, by and large, a first world phenomena and has very few takers in non-first world countries. When asked, the reasons range from strict existing government laws to crypto volatility to poor returns. Qintar is here to put all those concerns to rest. Through the best cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East — Emirex — Qintarcoin will give people the best returns on investment that they have ever seen. Since individuals of humble means don't have much access or knowledge about technology, this concept designed by Qintar takes place in a way where the lender is the token holder, and with that the process of Murabaha takes place through local banks or authorities.

In the Qintar Modaraba Pool, the token holder is the one who is willing to make an investment by linking his wallet to the platform. The borrower is the one who requests the capital or Modaraba through the platform. This makes Qintar the most excellent peer to peer lending platform for both the individuals and for commercial-scale financing according to prescribed Islamic ways and laws.

"Our goal is to create a pool of community-owned funds that helps all of its members, especially those with lesser means, earn moderate interest rates by providing capital to various liquid DeFi instruments in strict accordance with the rules and regulatory concepts of Islamic Finance. Qintar DeFi has been designed specifically to be such a comprehensive structure and platform that both the liquidity provider and the borrower bear equal risks and fair share of the profits. This way, a system of equality is created where both the lender and the borrower stand on equal footing. In this ecosystem, no fees are charged. We urge everyone to join the public sale of Qintarcoin and start making profits right away!", said Noor Alrayes, the Smart Contract Auditor at Qintar.

Qintar is the very first Islamic DeFi token that is available on Ethereum blockchain. It's also the first Decentralized Islamic Finance DAPPs that is built on Polkadot and Moonbeam. It is primarily a peer to peer microfinance opportunity for underbanked people, who are not knowledgeable on the crypto market.

For more information, please visit https://qintarcoin.org/
And we will use this platform for public sale: https://emirex.com/

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Email Id: [email protected]
Twitter/Telegram: @QintarFinance
Website: https://qintarcoin.org/

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