Was 9/11 Real Tragedy or the Biggest Trauma Based Mind Control Event? Alex Stein Reveals the Truth

Posted June 15, 2021 by johnmullins

In a splendid interview with Richard Gage, Alex speaks about what really happened on the unfortunate morning of the biggest terror attack on the American soil.
DALLAS, TX (June 15th, 2021) - Alex Stein from Conspiracy Castle just held an terrific interview with the very popular San Francisco Bay Area architect and a prominent member of the American Institute of Architects — Richard Gage. In the interview, they both discussed the real possibility of whether America's darkest day in history — 9/11 — was really a terror attack where two domestic flights crashed through the Twin Towers or was the terror attack was a cover for something much more sinister foisted on the innocent Americans and upon the world populace.

"I was shocked beyond measure when one day I heard David Griffin on the radio and his theory. It was like a bulb inside me switched on" said Richard Gage. He further said that most structural engineers and architects know nothing about the incident report and fail to explain how a 110 storey building came crashing down upon itself. He suspects most engineers know the truth, but following the official narrative means they get to keep their job and a running business.

Not very many people across the world know that not two, but THREE WTC BUILDINGS collapsed that day. Apart from WTC 1 and WTC 2, a Building 7 also came down crashing just like the other two in an inexplicable way. The architects at the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911T) have formally filed a Request for Correction with the NIST following a new and detailed four-year analysis by a team at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) demanding a retraction of the 2008 report that concluded that Building 7 crashed because fire embers from WTC 1 and 2 weakened the steel. "I hope people wake up to the realization that for 20 years they have been lied to and government after government since then has avoided the 9/11 Commission to protect the real perpetrators. We can only hope that accountability arrives one day", said Alex Stein, host of Conspiracy Castle.

Conspiracy Castle is a talk show host based in Dallas, Texas. It is hosted by Alex Stein. He shares and discusses many interesting videos that can be found on his Tik Tok and YouTube Channel.

For more information, please visit https://youtu.be/HgXFvM2Qmss

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