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Testolone (RAD140) is currently still being developed by the company Radius Health, which is publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange under symbol RDUS which has a market cap of 1B$.
1. RAD140 aids increase muscle mass
The number 1 advantage of supplementing with RAD140 is its ability to enhance lean tissue devoid of rising fat. In truth, throughout initial research done on monkeys, scientists observed an average weight achieve of more than 10% in just 28 days. This was completed using only RAD 140 and without the need of any adverse negative effects traditionally connected to testosterone.

2. RAD140 may boost speed, stamina, and endurance throughout high-intensity workouts
Would like to work out longer, harder and get greater outcomes each time you hit the fitness center? Reports of enhanced speed, stamina, and endurance through workouts are popular when supplementing with Testolone. Additionally, thanks to its ability to improve lean muscle tissue and decrease fat, high-intensity workouts and interval coaching may be optimized each time.

3. RAD140 has a greater anabolic impact than testosterone
Related to other SARMs for example LGD4033 (Ligandrol) or S4 (Andarine), RAD140 produces equivalent benefits to testosterone but with no the negative effects.

RAD140 interacts using the hormonal receptors of muscle and bone tissue in the same strategies as larger doses of testosterone, all with no the estrogenic unwanted effects caused by anabolic steroids.

Many users on forums also report greater anabolic effects than testosterone and is often employed as a PCT for steroid customers to retain muscle mass in between cycles.

4. RAD140 may lower the unwanted effects of testosterone
When taken in conjunction with anabolic steroids, initial studies indicated that RAD140 reduces the unwanted effects of testosterone stimulation on the prostate and seminal vesicles of monkeys.

Also, numerous anabolic steroid customers report issues for the health of their liver. However, during the 28-day trial, these monkeys also showed minimal liver enzyme elevations on a dose 10x larger than the completely efficient dose, even though a weight was gained in the course of a brief timeframe (which may cause liver strain).

Our tips? Using the results from RAD140 currently proving far better than anabolic steroid use, users could be superior off forgetting testosterone altogether and sticking to SARMs.

5. Testolone will not seem to have precisely the same unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids on reproductive organs
Initial research on mice have identified that low doses of RAD140 are all that’s necessary to stimulate muscle development without the need of affecting the weight of your prostate.

This implies that RAD140 has the capability to selectively stimulate muscle and bone development although lowering the effects on sex tissue such as the prostate or clitoris. (So yes, this means RAD140 is protected for females)

6. RAD140 may help weight reduction by escalating fat loss
RAD140 indirectly reduces body fat by escalating muscle and bone cells, that are far more metabolically high priced to maintain than fat cells. By escalating muscle mass, an increase inside the metabolism is noticed, which results in much easier fat reduction.

Users also report improved muscle growth and decreased fat retailers due to RAD140’s capability to improve stamina, endurance, and speed through an interval training.

7. RAD140 is being trialed for the treatment of breast cancer
RAD140 was found and is at the moment becoming developed by pharmaceutical organization Radius especially for the treatment of Androgen Receptor (AR) and Estrogen Receptor Constructive (ER+) breast cancer in postmenopausal girls.

In vitro studies completed in 2017 showed that RAD140 inhibited the development of AR/ER+ breast cancer cells. Benefits from these studies supported further investigation of RAD140 as a breast cancer remedy, and the very first human clinical trials had been brought forward.

8. RAD140 is indicated to be neuroprotective for brain well being in neurodegenerative illnesses
As testosterone levels in guys decline, the risk of disease in androgen-responsive tissue (such as the brain) increases, implicating the improvement of neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Illness.
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