File Storage Cabinet-Steel File Cabinet: 5 Questions Answered

Posted August 14, 2020 by karamdingli

file storage cabinet are used to store documents, materials, etc
file storage cabinet are used to store documents, materials, etc. Because it can help people find what they need quickly, it is widely used in offices. It can also save office space and make the office look wider. When using file cabinets, some problems inevitably arise. If you do not know how to solve these problems, it will affect the efficiency of office staff. This is a list of some common problems and solutions.

1. The sliding of the file cabinet drawer is unnatural.

The two main reasons for this problem are impurities on the slide rail and lack of lubricating oil on the slide rail. Therefore, if the sliding of the file cabinet drawer is unnatural, the sliding rails must be checked first to find out whether there are impurities on the sliding rails or whether lubricating oil is needed. If there are impurities, they should be removed. If lubricating oil is required, the slide rails should be lubricated. The cooking oil we usually eat can also be used for lubrication. However, please note that troubleshooting may contaminate the contents of the drawer.

2. The cabinet is unstable and will vibrate after being placed.

After purchase, the cabinet will be placed somewhere, but it is usually found that the cabinet is unstable and shakes when touched. Noise can also be generated during use. The cause of this problem may be that the four feet of the cabinet are not balanced on the ground. If this happens, it is recommended that you rotate the adjusting foot nut or put a hard object in the gap between the cabinet and the ground.

3. Cannot be locked or unlocked.

The reason may be that the door or drawer cannot be reset, or the lock lever is stuck. If you cannot lock the cabinet or open the cabinet, you should open and close the door or drawer several times with moderate force to observe the cause of the failure. Then, tap the chassis with your hand or press down with a screwdriver to reset the lock lever.

4. The door gap size is uneven.

This problem occurs because the cabinet is not placed horizontally. When the cabinet is unstable and shakes after placement, this problem has the same solution. You should rotate the adjusting foot nut or put a hard object in the gap between the cabinet and the ground, and remember to adjust in the opposite direction.

5. Lost the key.

This is not a problem, but it happens often. If you lose the key, you should carefully observe the structure of the cabinet door, insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the lock hole, and turn it in the direction that normally opens the cabinet door. Most of them are clockwise. Rotate back and forth several times to basically open the cabinet

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