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Posted March 31, 2022 by kaurharleen

All warmed up inside your blanket, about to fall asleep, you are filled with worry that you will wake up to a period stain on your bed sheet and pajamas.
As we all know, a heavy bleeding period is common for the first two days. This is one main reason for the period leaking at night as you may not get up on time to change your pad. Other reasons for leaking are sleeping in the wrong position, pad not being placed correctly, or that the pad is at its maximum absorption level.

On periods, when you are all tired up of your PMS fatigue, this should be the last thing to stress about. The solution lies in good sanitary napkins brands which come with wings. Not only do these pads stay put in place during all tossing and turning during the nights, they also protect the sides of your briefs where the wings wrap around in case your undies shift.

Also, it is important to change pads right before going to bed to ensure getting the most amount of absorption from period protection.

Sofy sanitary pads are saviors during that time of the year. These pads are longer and fuller in the back which provides extra coverage in the right places when you are resting on your bed. Regardless of what position you are sleeping in, Sofy sanitary pads for night will catch your period blood before it makes its way to your pajamas. Its special technology locks away menstrual fluid in an uber thin absorbent core and provides full coverage.

Tampon sanitary pads are great ways of protection if you are sleeping for under 8 hours. Because, tampons go inside your body, hence, you would not leak while tossing and turning around during your sleep. However, if you tend to sleep for more than 8 hours, tampons are not the right option because it increases the risk of getting infections.

Furthermore, if you prefer wearing a pad at night instead of tampons, try to get up slowly. Because of gravity, menstrual blood will have pooled in your vagina instead of coming out all at once.

Another solution would be going for fuller briefs that help prevent any leakage while sleeping. Light, cotton panties should give you the comfort you need.

Choosing the best sanitary napkins brands are important to prevent a leaking period. From right sanitary pads to tampons, choosing the right option that suits you is important to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Some of the other options to prevent leakage would be wearing pajama trousers which will give an extra layer of protection between you and the sheets and you are less likely to leak onto them. Further, wear an extra pair of panties over the top of your usual pair as that will absorb any leakage. Try to choose panties with thicker cotton and dark coloured ones that would not show up the stains.

Another way would be laying an old hand towel underneath your bottom before you lie down. This will help in protecting your sheets from leakage.

Also, tracking your period can help you prevent staining. Want to know how? Knowing when your due date can help you prepare what pants to wear, keeping sanitary napkins ready, using dark coloured sheets for your peace of mind in those days.

A few adaptations in your routine are all you need to keep your clothes and sheets stain free. You may also keep aside a bunch of underwear just for period nights to avoid staining new ones.

Leakage also depends on how often you change your sanitary napkins. It is considered healthy and hygienic to change your pads every 3 to 4 hours. It also helps prevent any accidental leakage. Periods often get heavier without any prior notice, so you will be wearing a fresh pad that can absorb the extra flow.

Now the question is how do you know when it is time for a fresh one? Your pads should be changed before it gets full and heavy. The wetness and heaviness you feel is an indication to change your sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup to be changed. The key is to change it often enough to avoid leaks or any sort of discomfort.

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