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Posted June 22, 2016 by keitbowe23

TwistFox is proud to introduce their new service; Negative Content Monitoring. It’s a service focused on finding negative content, and dealing with it as soon as possible.
TwistFox is proud to introduce their new service; Negative Content Monitoring. It’s a service focused on finding negative content, and dealing with it as soon as possible. As the internet continues to change, there is new content posted daily. And, TwistFox has identified that 93% of UK adults own a smartphone. The result of this is that it’s now easier than ever for people to publish original content.

For many businesses, this can be a very big issue. They rely on their reputation across the internet and digital media. With so much content out there, it can be very hard to analyse it all. Companies can spend hours searching through online content sources, looking for threats. TwistFox has designed a service that takes this problem out of your hands. It will quickly flag any negative content that poses an online threat to your business. This includes content in a comment, image, blog post or written article. It’s a revolutionary service designed to take the hard work out of your hands.

With negative content, it’s crucial you catch it early. The sooner it can be spotted; the quicker a company can deal with it. This innovative system allows negative content to be caught before it has dire consequences. By catching it, TwistFox can prevent it from being permanently fixed online and being seen by the world. Furthermore, it can be stopped from impeding the protected terms. Once the negative content has been identified, TwistFox can then implement Negative Content Suppression. This allows them to take action and have the issue dealt with as fast as possible. By doing this, it means the unwanted content doesn’t have a chance to damage the digital reputation of the business involved. In this digital age, all it takes is one negative comment, blog post or review to damage a reputation severely. Things spread like wildfire on the internet, and there are so many ways to share content. The best way to defend yourself is with this Negative Content Monitoring service. Identify things early on, and you prevent sharing, meaning negativity can’t spread. This service from TwistFox is the best way to set up an early warning process. It’s highly recommended if you want to bolster your online defence. Often, there is no way you can cure a bad reputation. Once negative content has been shared, it’s only a matter of time before things take a bad turn for your business. Instead of wasting your time looking to undo the negativity, you should focus on prevention.

24/7 search term monitoring is included within this service. It’s fully automated, meaning there’s no work to be done on your behalf. All that’s required are some search terms for TwistFox to track. For example, it’s a good idea to track the name of your company or a service you provide. This allows you to find all the content that’s being posted with these keywords in. Thus, it’s easy to find negative content, and prevent it from tarnishing your good name. In addition to this, the search monitoring service allows TwistFox to analyse search terms. Consequently, multiple trending patterns can be established regarding websites and subjects. This is a massively important resource to any business.

As part of the Negative Content Monitoring service, TwistFox also performs manual searches. These searches will cover all major news websites, looking for negative content. Sometimes, a manual service is the best way to find damaging content. It could be hidden in a comments section, or subtly mentioned without referencing keywords relating to your business. News websites are amongst the most viewed sites every day. People will often go online to learn about what’s happening in the world. Largely, this is because news can be posted and updated throughout the day. So, any major news website can post damaging content at any time, on any day. That’s why this service is so important, as it helps catch these posts before they get seen by many people. Similarly, TwistFox also manually search the big social media websites. There are millions of users on social networking sites all day, every day. It’s arguably where most negative content gets posted. And, it’s the easiest way for negative content to be shared and spread across the world. All it takes is one negative tweet, and there’s potential for it to be shared thousands of times all over the internet. TwistFox checks social media and gives an early warning when any damaging content is posted. If any bad content is found on news or social media sites, then an action plan can be started as soon as possible. Actions are taken to ensure any problematic information is removed from the public eye.

A good online reputation is essential for businesses of all sizes. If you have a negative online reputation, then your business is going to struggle. TwistFox has been dealing with reputation management for years. With their vast array of services, they help businesses protect and repair their online image. The company has made a name for itself by dealing with all issues involving online defamation. In the UK, it’s illegal to publish false information with the intent to harm a reputation. These days, most of the online community seem to spread negativity. It’s become the norm for people to post false content that can damage a business. And, it’s very difficult to get this problem sorted in court. The best solution is to turn to TwistFox, who can help deal with any negative content written about your business. With their range of techniques, slanderous blog posts and comments can be removed from existence. If it’s impossible to delete content, other measures can be taken. The company works to push negative content out of the public domain and make it harder for users to find.

TwistFox has lots of experience in dealing with online reputation issues. And, Negative Content Monitoring is the latest service offered. By protecting your digital image, a business can build a far stronger and more influential brand.

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