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Posted June 9, 2020 by KellyAdora

Wigs include: headgear, hair blocks, hair extensions and other products.
Wigs include: headgear, hair blocks, hair extensions and other products.
In the wig industry, the raw materials for making wigs are divided into: human hair, animal hair and chemical filaments.
Human hair is divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, Burmese hair, Mongolian hair, Vietnamese hair, European hair, etc. according to different sources. Since China is a country with a large population, Chinese hair is the most common. But after several months of customer enquiries, many customers are more inclined to send in India and Brazil. The reason is that the hair quality in China is harder and thicker. European and American hair is soft and very thin. So they often choose Indian hair and Brazilian hair that are similar to their hair.

Human hair wig is divided into remy human hair wig and non-remy human hair wig. Among them, smooth hair refers to braided hair cut from a person's hair, and the scales of the hair are oriented in the same direction, just like fish scales. The hairy scales of the hair are messy.
Because the raw materials for real hair are more expensive, the real human hair wig is the more expensive one. Among them, remy human hair wig is particularly expensive.
When judging the quality of wigs, we mainly look at the raw material and then the amplitude. The amplitude refers to the length of the hair. If a hair curtain goes straight from top to bottom and is thick on the top and thin on the bottom, then the amplitude is worse. Therefore, different ranges are used for feeding, different grades and different prices. The other is to see the smoothness and feel of the hair. This is unclear, and only understand it in person.

There are many types of chemical filaments. Mainly include Japan's Kanikalong, China-made high-temperature silk and so on. Animal hair mainly includes cow hair and seahorse hair.
The products of the above three raw materials are very different in feel: human hair has the best feel, followed by chemical fiber (the chemical fiber is brighter), and finally the animal hair. Because the hair of animal hair of the same weight is more fluffy than real human hair and chemical fiber, the second feel is also different. Of course, the difference between chemical fiber and animal hair is not very big. But in terms of price, animal hair is slightly more expensive than chemical fiber. There is also a wig made by mixing the three or both.

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