Organic soup is healthy; that is common knowledge. Probiotic? Absolutely, but where does prebiotic slip into its history?

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This is, in fact, the soup that explains the origins of life where hydrocarbons transform into biomolecules. This soup is extremely rich in organic compounds.
The organic compounds found in this prebiotic soup were found in the primitive oceans of the earth. Millions of years ago, microbial life was found in the Pilbara Craton geyserite of Western Australia. You will not find it difficult to believe that the Organic Soil Association holds standards strictly adhered to by king soba.

King soba keeps strict organic standards set by USDA/NOP. “Under no circumstances may sewerage sludge, genetic engineering, or irradiation be used on the soil,” added a company spokesperson. Ecocert International has certified king soba’s products to these ambitious standards, one of the world's largest Organically accredited organisations.

Organic soup seemed such a simple label, yet the title’s history and origins are so deep. There are vast rules and regulations attached to the name organic, and it is not as easy as it seems. This hearty soup needs to be gluten-free, too, thereby having the GF stamp of approval to top it off. It is a Star-K Kosher verified product, which means regular worldwide rabbinical supervision has been imposed, meeting the Jewish religious requirements.

You may think twice next time you roll your eyes when seeing the prices of organic soup. The soup has a stamp of approval and is appraised with guarantees that your body will be filled with goodness with each mouthful you eat.

King Soba provides you with delicious ways to prepare your organic soup that will be a winner for the entire family. Whether served warm in winter with sprinkled feta cheese over the top or with a side of melt in your mouth homemade gluten-free bread. Eat chilled with crispy bacon bits and croutons as a start on a scorching summer’s day.

The coldest months of the year are the toughest on our immune systems. Our bodies take a beating. It is the season of colds and flu and Christmas gift shopping, where germs are readily spread from counter to counter and door to door. A perfect time of year for an immune-boosting soup!

Gather up king soba organic soups, stock up on fresh green vegetables, and when life gets busy, you are tempted to take comfort in food and indulge in fat, sugar, cheese, or white loaves of bread; that is where you find these organic soups come in handy! Add greens and organic noodles, liquidise, and you have for yourself a delicious magical immune system winter booster that will strengthen your body for the harsh months that lie ahead. Keep king soba close by in case of emergency.

King Soba is founded on family principles and a love for health and nutritious, valuable food. They have been running since 1996 and have grown to know what’s best in the nutritional field and precisely what your body needs to function well; this knowledge has evolved as the years have passed, teaching us valuable nutrition lessons. Organically grown food that is preservative-free is offered with a wide range of noodles and rice paper with tasty recipes that don’t leave you wondering what to make for dinner! King Saba’s deliveries are Carbon Neutral as they are concerned with the well-being of the environment in addition to a healthy diet. Their products are 100% organically made from Buckwheat. Noodles and rice paper meals have adapted into an absolute chic food. More information can be found at
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