L2A – Is Anthropology a Good Optional Subject for UPSC?

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Deciding on the optional subject for UPSC is one of the major concerns for aspirants. They waste half of their preparation time wondering which subject will benefit them the most.
Since your subject is the one where you have the discretion to choose whatever subject you want to study, you should make a wise choice and doesn’t get misled by anyone. An optional subject should help you in scoring well, without taking much of your preparation time. Are you also Abhilash, who is confused about deciding his/her optional subject for UPSC preparation? If yes, then you are in the right place, because, unlike Abhilash’s case, we are here for your help.

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of what makes us human. In other words, it is the scientific study of humanity, which is mainly concerned with human biology, human behaviour, cultures and societies in the past and present. Anthropologists take broad approaches to understand the different aspects of human behaviour. They study the past of the human species, how they lived hundreds and thousands of years ago? What things were important to them? Etc. anthropologists also study the biological components of our body, like our genes, bones, health, etc.

Anthropology is a vast area of a subject that studies everything about humans from their past to biological, social and cultural aspects.

Four Subfields of Anthropology –

Anthropology has been divided into four subfields so that each subfield can be studied in a detailed manner. Even though these subfields are different from each other, there are some similarities between them as well. For instance, each subfield employs research methodologies, applies theories, formulates and tests the hypothesis, and develops an extensive set of data.

1. Archaeology –
Archaeologists study the human culture through the things made by humans like pottery, paintings, and tools, etc. They analyze the location of houses, burials of deaths to understand the daily lives of people. Archaeologists are mainly concerned with explaining discrepancies and similarities between different human societies across time and space.

2. Biological Anthropology –
These types of anthropologists are mainly concerned with understanding how humans adapt to different environments, how they catch diseases, what are the causes of early human deaths and the evolution of humans in comparison to other animals.

3. Cultural Anthropology –
Sociocultural Anthropology is the study of how people in different places live and perceive the world around them. It studies how people of different geographical locations interact with each other.

4. Linguistic Anthropology –
Linguistic Anthropology is the study of different ways in which people communicate with each other throughout the globe. It studies how one language is linked to another.

Why Choose Anthropology as an Optional Subject?

Well, every subject has its own pros and cons and saying that anyone subject is better than others, wouldn’t be completely right. As it has been rightly said no subject is easy or difficult, it all depends on us that how we take it. But yes, we can also not simply overlook the fact that one subject may offer better advantages over the other when it comes to exams like UPSE/CSE.

1. In an anthropology paper, the questions are generally asked direct, which means less time will be spent in understanding the questions.
2. Anthropology is considered one of the most scoring subjects.
3. Since the subject is scientific in nature, it becomes easier for the students to make the answers more appealing by flowcharts and diagrams.
4. The syllabus is relatively shorter, which can be completed in just 4 months.
5. The subject is quite interesting in nature and easier to grasp.
6. The subject overlaps with other subjects; hence half of your topics will automatically be covered.

Why Choose L2A?

The only disadvantage of taking Anthropology is the limited availability of guidance. But at L2A we have made sure that you get the proper guidance of the subject and we focus on conceptual clarity of the subject, which is the key factor for scoring well.

1. Highly structured L2A anthropology classes have helped in transforming the lives of many aspirants.
2. L2A anthropology test series will help in qualifying for the exam with flying colours.
3. You will get the finest study material at L2A.
4. We focus on in-depth coverage of the syllabus.
5. Timely completion of the syllabus with vast acumen and experience of our teachers.

If you still feel the need to get more assurance about the quality of education we provide, you can also check L2A Toppers testimonials to be sure of your choice.
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