You should perform visual checks on a periodic basis for cracks

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It is one of the obvious signs that your AC belt needs replacement.
The AC belt is one of the simplest components of your car AC but it is highly important one. It connects the AC compressor clutch to the engine crankshaft. It allows the compressor to move using the power of the engine. Automotive AC belts come in two basic variants: V-belt and serpentine belt. A V-belt is narrower and shaped like letter ‘V.’ V-belts connect two components – the engine crankshaft and the compressor clutch. On the other hand, Serpentine belts are flat and ribbed at one side. It performs a function of connecting several components at the same time. AC belts are important components for the efficiency of your car’s air conditioner.

After all, you do not want to face any problems with your cooling.
If your AC belt is damaged or about to tear, it can shut down the air conditioner in a few miles. It is always better to read the user manual and know when and how to replace your car AC belt. Some indications are mentioned here that can tell you when to be alert about the replacement of your car AC belt.

Cracks: You should perform visual checks on a periodic basis for cracks and damage to the AC belt. If you are seeing cracks forming on the belt, then it is a clear sign that your AC belt needs replacement. The longer period of time a belt is functional, the more it is prone to cracks and damage. Everything has a life span, and AC belts are not an exception. An old and worn out AC belt will not be able to grip the components, and it can break anytime.

Squealing Noises: It is one of the obvious signs that your AC belt needs replacement. If you hear a loud squealing noise while turning on the AC, then it is clear that your AC belt needs replacement. The noise can also occur because of the loose belt or water or oil contamination. If a belt is not able to grip the pulleys, it will slip under the torque of the engine and make squealing noises.
Inability to Defrost Windshield: However, it is an uncommon symptom, but you should be able to notice it. If your windshield defroster is working properly, then it is because of a cracked or damaged belt. In some vehicles, defrosters are connected to AC system and they need AC compressor to function for the defroster to work. If the AC belt is snapped or slipping then, neither the compressor nor the defroster will work.
By understanding these symptoms, you can understand the importance of this small but important component of the AC. By noticing these early signs, you can replace your AC belt in time and save yourself from the hassle.
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