Jagmohan Saxena of Bikaner traced Vikram Lander

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Jag Mohan Saxena of Bikaner has claimed to find Vikram Lander in the bottomless depth of the South Pole of the Moon.
All pessimism has knowledge, but it is sterile knowledge. There is madness in all optimism, but it is creative madness. Determination and perseverance with optimism can succeed where knowledge and experience fail, with a pessimistic view.

Jagmohan, a space enthusiast with no formal degree or experience in the mysterious subject of space science, has proved this by achieving a rare feat. Where the many legends of country and the space veteran of foreign countries have failed to reveal the exact facts about Vikram Lander. At the same time, Mr. Jag Mohan Saxena of Bikaner has traced the lost Indian lunar lander Vikram in a single shape on the surface of the moon, which shows his sheer determination against enormous obstacles, optimism, enthusiasm, incomparable sleep and ease of work. . Simultaneously Mr. Saxena's brother Dr. Harimohan has also spotted Rover Pragyan in the same pictures provided to him.

After the unsuccessful communication of the lunar orbiter of ISRO mission control and Chandrayaan 2 mission with the lander, during the final stages of landing on September 7, 2019, it was speculated that the lander would have been completely destroyed due to the impact of uncontrolled hard landing. In this regard, a photo of the lunar surface posted in the media depicting small fragments of debris scattered over an area several kilometers away from the designated landing site. This led to a claim by a Chennai-based technical expert, Mr. Shanmuga Subramaniam, to uncover a small piece of debris of the Lander. The claims of which were neither denied nor verified by the respective Space Research agencies nor was there any attempt to stop the flood of news published in the press. Although ISRO Chief K Sivan made a press statement the very next day of the incident that a thermal image of the lander was taken at night by the camera mounted on the orbiter, which showed that the lander was safe and sound, but no any image of it ever aired in media till date. . Even after a year of this incident, no image of Vikram Lander on the moon surface could be released. So that this secret has not been exposed yet.

Interestingly, the ambiguity in the topic remains intact even today and many questions remain unanswered. The version of the story that has unfolded so far, seems to be irrational to a layman today. . Lander’s contact with mission control was broken only 350 meters above the lunar surface, as reported by NASA, which cannot cause disintegration of a metal vehicle (as there is only 1/6 of gravity as compared to Earth). it also seems impossible to capture small size pieces of lander in the image by the orbiter camera and to show scatter over an area of several square kilometers away from the designated landing site. If this was indeed true then how would the ISRO orbiter have taken the thermal image of the lander even in a dark night?

Seeing the same ambiguity in the versions of the story publicized in the news, Mr. Jag Mohan Saxena, a retired bank officer and space enthusiast, continued his efforts to find out the truth. He began scanning many of kilometers of lunar surface images posted by NASA Lunar Reconnaissance (LRO) on the online website. After many days of hard work, searching pixel to pixel, he finally managed to find an unusual looking object near the scheduled landing site on the lunar surface. Which looked different from the other objects of the Moon and which resembled a man-made object. Which he spontaneously continued his efforts, assuming the image of the missing lander?

He send an e-mail and tweet to the ISRO and NASA scientists requested verify and authenticate photograph of their discovery. ISRO's response so far remains awaited and Mark Robinson, a scientist at LRO NASA, though did not clearly confirmed it, but taking it positively provided 23 images of pre and post landing for verifying the image of the site concerned.

Encouraged by his discovery, Jagmohan shared the images of Vikram Lander and site with his brother Dr Hari Mohan Saxena. Because the images were a bit blurry, so Image enhanced by Dr. Saxena and Priyanka. This made it easier to match and verify the original Vikram Lander image.

By matching these pictures with the pictures of the lander available on the web, some of its features were easily identified. The images found a clear indication of its being a Vikram Lander. Which proved that not only Vikram Lander is safe on the moon and intact in one piece... It also drove the rover to the lunar surface clearly through the ramp facing the lander.

These findings clearly illustrate India's success story of reaching the Moon's South Pole with its Vikram Lander and Rover Pragyan. Where no nation has reached yet, the lunar lander Vikram of ISRO scientists has had great success in successfully landing.

Although the claims and stories publicized in the press and media managed to confuse everyone for some time, the truth was finally revealed which is credited to Jagmohan Saxena, who discovered Vikram Lander. And Dr. Hari Mohan spotted the Rover Pragyan. However, vivid images of Vikram Lander tell the story of his success himself. But only ISRO / NASA or other space authorities can confirm them. Those have duly been informed.

Akash Mohan, Dr. Hari Mohan, Priyanka etc. have also had significant technical support in this discovery of Vikram Lander and Rover Pragyan.
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