Lovy Singh Bhatia – The journey from a bullied childhood to a multi talented social media influencer

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People started thinking that Lovy is a smart guy and start asking him how he solves this cube in just 15-20 seconds.
Bullying is a serious issue in today’s environment. It’s an issue most of us face in our childhood and youth and it leaves scarring effects on ones personality.

However, the world is full of people who rose above bullying and used the experience to express their feelings and help others in handling bullying in their own life.

The story of Lovy Singh Bhatia is one such story that will inspire you and encourage you to rise above the situation.

“My story starts with bullying. I was not a perfect guy nor an average guy in my class. I belong to a single-parent family that is solely run by my mother since I was 4 years old. As a single child, I had to spend my maximum time in an empty room because my mother used to work at that time and I was too young and not allowed to go outside that house. My mother also used to teach me after coming back from work. She was the only person in my life who believed in me.”, says Lovy Singh Bhatia.

As Lovy Singh Bhatia grew up, his class mates and college mates used to bully him just for fun but that impact Lovy’s life very hard.“Ragging gave me a dent on my brain which was hard to remove. I spend my 2 years of life in a hostel in which my roommates and other students used to comes to me anytime, like at the midnight, and try to scare me or beat me. After that ragging part, my mind was working like an abnormal guy because in my mind I always think that I am going to bully the next day also and my mind stops working. My mother was also losing hope on me and thinking that her child had a problem. In that empty room, no one was there to help me or listen to my problem. I was not telling my mother about those ragging because my mother was the only person who earns for us and if I transfer my problem to her, she would also get in tension and would not able to give her best in her job.”, says Lovy Singh Bhatia.

Penning his thoughts on paper and rapping provided a good vent to Lovy’s emotions. “From 6th class, I made a best friend whose name was 'Rapping' ”says Lovy Singh Bhatia.

Lovy Singh used to write all his emotions on a paper to feel relaxed. Rapping gave him confidence and Lovy Singh Bhatia became an expert Dancer by the time he was in class 9th.

Rubik’s Cube was another turning point in Lovy Singh Bhatia’s life in mid of the 11th class.“My life took a positive turn because I got a Rubik's Cube (6 side color box). Rubik's cube and rapping were like the core of my heart, I start playing with my cube and loved to solve it again and again. I was also a 1st runner up in the school nation Rubik's cube competition 2016.”, says Lovy.

People started thinking that Lovy is a smart guy and start asking him how he solves this cube in just 15-20 seconds.

“I liked that thing that people are coming to me to get advice and knowledge. Then I planned to make myself different from others and make my own personality rather than copying anyone, I start changing my personality, start doing meditation, and giving time to myself.”, says Lovy.

“My mother also feels that I am doing a good thing in my life and she was also proud of me, which was bigger than anything in my life. When I entered my college life, I start posting pictures on Instagram and at that moment Instagram was not at hype, but people were engaging with that app.”, says Lovy.

He started getting a good response and people start following him. Lovy bought a DSLR for the shoot and started clicking high-quality photographs.

After some time, a brand approached Lovy for a collaboration. Soon, Lovy was getting more offers for collaboration as a part of influencing. Lovy started approaching brands from outside India like - USA, Canada, Europe, etc.

“People start respecting me and it changed my life from a caterpillar to a butterfly.”, says Lovy.
At this moment, Lovy Singh Bhatia is a multitalented artist and social media influencer with talents like rapping, dancing, speed cubing, lyricist, a small card magician, influencer, and many more.

Lovy Singh Bhatia was also invited as a media influencer in Roadies to take interviews of judges.“I met my idol Raftaar also. In today's date, I worked with more than 200 companies in all over the world and still counting. I have ‘n’ number of achievements within a few years and my only goal is to not stop and achieve targets on daily basis.”, says Lovy

“Now those people who used to bully me in my childhood come to me and ask how I achieve this level, I simply say them that I just believe in myself and give my 100% to my life rather than listening to others because I remember they always used to say that, "you will not be able to achieve anything in your life and be a looser always" but I just turn the tables. Now, people who are younger than me and who are elder than me, both come to take advice from me and ask how to grow their business and achieve their goals because I think creative and give the best advice to them.”, says Lovy.

“I remember when I was a child I always pray to God to give me a superpower but I was not aware that God gave me that superpower which is my brain and I was unaware of that thing. Right now, my brain is my biggest weapon, and no one can take that superpower from me. In my real-life story, I just want to tell you that if you think that you can't do anything then you are just supporting those guys words who used to say that same thing to you. Just believe in yourself and remember one thing,'COUNTING ALWAYS STARTS FROM 0'.”, says Lovy.

Lovy Singh Bhatia’s is truly inspirational and it encourages us to focus on the positives in life and rise above our circumstances.
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