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Posted May 4, 2019 by Latrisha54645

Energy Healing practitioners use a combination of gentle techniques to help release this blocked energy.
Physics has taught us that everything is energy. The chair you're sitting in, a table, a tree, air, water, our bodies, even our thoughts, it's all energy. We also know from physics that everything is moving. Like the Earth, all of the atoms of our bodies are in constant motion, even though we can't see them move. Like water in a river, or blood in our veins, our life force energy flows through channels in our bodies. That energy wants to flow, but sometimes it gets blocked. When we hold tension in the body it blocks energy flow. That's why people who are relaxed tend to get sick less. When the energy of our body is flowing freely our body is able to do what it does naturally, maintain health. When the gas filter on your car gets clogged your car doesn't work well. Similarly, when our energy gets blocked, our bodies can't function optimally. Healthy food, clean air, exercise, healthy thoughts, rest and relaxation all help our bodies to keep us healthy. But sometimes that's not enough, especially with the busy lives we lead.

Whenever you're feeling like you just need some time off, life is getting ahead of you, your body is getting cranky, Energy Healing can help. Energy Healing removes blockages and restores the natural flow of your body's energy. Blocked energy can result in pain, tension, and eventual illness. You know those knots in your back, that tightness in your jaw, that's blocked energy! We often think we are relaxed, but because we are so used to the way our body holds tension, we don't notice it so much, and it keeps accumulating. When one layer numbs out another is added on top. That's how the body manages to cope with the increasing levels of tension just as it does with pain. We get used to it. Our pain sensors and tension sensors override their own signals in order to cope with our current levels and stabilize us. That's what those areas of chronic tension are, layers and layers of tension that never quite let go. We may get a great massage and let go of a few layers, but how many of us get a massage often enough to get to the bottom of all those layers?

Energy healing helps us to release these deeper layers of tension. Energy Healing works not only on those physical knots and layers of tension, but can simultaneously release the roots of the issue, the thought patterns and emotions that are causing the tension in the first place.

Energy Healing practitioners use a combination of gentle techniques to help release this blocked energy. This results in the energies of the body flowing more freely, leaving us in a state of relaxation much deeper than we may have known before. Some of my clients say they feel like they've just had a full night's sleep, or like they just let go of a lifetime of holding. Whatever your experience, you can always know that the energy is doing its work, helping to free you up from blocked energy and old tension patterns.

The flow of life force energy, referred to as Chi or Qi (pronounced "chee") in Oriental Medicine and the martial arts and Prana in Yoga, enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself, thus allowing more rapid and complete healing and recovery. Practitioners develop the ability to sense where we are holding this tension or blocked energy and help to release it, along with releasing fear, trauma and old emotions that may prevent us from being at ease with life. When you're feeling uncomfortable in your skin, easily triggered, can't make decisions, feeling pain or tension, that's an indicator of blocked energy. Energy Healing can help you achieve greater peace, relaxation, and deeper, more complete healing of body, mind and spirit.
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