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Wear linen | We so easily tend to forget that our skins are the largest organ of the body.
We so easily tend to forget that our skins are the largest organ of the body. It is responsible for several sensations from feeling pain to being hot or cold, itchy, burning or even ticklish. It keeps us safe as it forms a protective barrier keeping all kinds of germs and bacteria out. It is sensitive, shows early signs of ageing, can be supple, smooth, tanned, freckled and is available in a range of tones, that can vary depending on how much time we spend in the sun. Our skins are simply amazing organs. It contains sweat glands that help us to rid the body of toxins and to cool us down. The skin is covered in tiny little hair that helps to keep us warm. However, when it comes to choosing the kind of products, we use on it to maintain its beauty and radiance or the types of fabrics we expose it to for extended periods, we are not always kind to this vital yet highly underappreciated organ.

“We sell linen clothing in the UK and from here we ship our premium range of natural garments across the globe. Linen is a natural fabric that contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides. It is an absorbent fabric that keeps the skin dry and as the fibres breathe, it helps with the control of the body temperature. When it is hot, it will keep you cool and when it is cold, linen will keep you warm. Linen is anti-bacterial, keeping your skin in a hygienic state. Linen is soft, durable and flowing. Linen clothing is simply beautiful,” says Baudouin Deboulle, the manager at Linenshed UK.

Deboulle then continues stating that their linen clothing offers their clients garments that are sturdy and strong and will last much longer than any other type of garment made of cheap and inferior fabrics. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any kind of harm or concern. The fibres used in the making of linen is anti-allergenic and thus suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Linen is the best fabric you can opt for to wrap your little one and it is light to wear, making the items in your wardrobe made of linen the most comfortable to wear.

The beauty of linen is also nestled in the fact that the more you wash the fabric, the softer it becomes. Even when you spend copious hours in the sun, linen is the best choice of garment you can opt for as the fibres are anti-radiation and protect your sensitive skin against the harmful rays of the sun, preventing sunburn. Linen clothing is simply more than fashion items, they are protective barriers keeping you safe.

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Everyone is entitled to enjoy a night of peaceful and comfortable sleep. This is the time when our bodies recover from the day’s stresses and injury and there is no better way to ensure that you give your body all it needs than by sleeping on 100% pure French linen. This is where we come in. While our brand might only be around for a decade, shipping high-quality French linen items across the globe, we bring a lifetime of experience in the linen industry to the table. Thus, pop in at our store at or contact us and make use of our comprehensive service to give your body all it needs.
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