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Posted March 18, 2022 by Lucyxingchen

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The problem is that it's a result of how my personal life is arranged in the last couple of years. Because I'm getting older and putting myself on a rigid schedule, there really hasn't been time for cheap Runescape gold activities or socializing with friends. Work, go home, cook dinner, then watch an hour of TV and then go to bed, repeat. Weekends here now it's time to shop for groceries and tidy the house before the cycle repeats.

I'm thinking of posting this because I realized that this is something my own wife and I experienced in the beginning of this year.

We noticed that as we reached our 20s and began raising our son of 2 years, who is at least 40 hours per week, and we are very diligent with our savings, we'd developed a similar routine to the one you described. Our son is awesome, but, boy, are they exhausting... I'm in my 20s , but it's like I'm in my 30s sometimes when my body feels like it's betraying me! It's made it difficult for me to get the motivation to do much more than taking care of our house and son when we get done with tasks at the end of the day.

In reality, it was okay by us as we'd hang out and unwind I'd squeeze in some OSRS or video game time into her time watching reality tv or shows with girls that I didn't think were to be as engaging, or we were able to alternate or cook dinner together, and play with our kid, clean up the house after he tears it up, or watch TV and films together.. It was all that.

I'm not going to sit and affirm that it was all good as it's not. What we found we were missing was more "us family time". A lot more time spent hiring the services of a childsitter and dropping my son off with grandma and grandpa , or our extended family so that we could have fun and enjoy the time we had with each other.

My wife was growing discontent over not getting to spend more time with me before, and I realized that she was craving the love, attention and joy we used to have together in our early 20ssomething that was missing in a post-pandemic world in which we couldn't get out to see our people and have dates like we did. I was getting bored as well, and with the same issues you said, the final game grinds of OSRS were playing an hour or two every few days. This meant endless concentration on raiding that couldn't be thrown away at the drop of the pin... it was enjoyable for a while. However, it soon became more repetitive than exciting, and it's not like I haven't shared my stories of discontent after having played through a myriad of hundreds and thousands of boss gauntlets, kills and raids... LOL.

If your wife is similar to mine, could be slightly unhappy, but may not want to be controlling. She might not feel happy to be loved and listened to during those times, and she could become withdrawn as a result of it.

My wife informed me that she didn't want to "seem like being a bitch"(those was a harsh phrase coming from her..) and told me she'd prefer that not be a part of the game as she did not want me to think that I could not have "me-time" too. Have you spoken to her about your feelings, and are want to divorce her due to the way she's been? Have you tried to explain that you're feeling non-validated in your own opinions and desires to have some time to yourself to think about your desires and desires in life and feel a sense of security in your hobbies?

It's not that you need to reconsider... But when my wife and I were spending more time with each other during these times and we began taking deliberate steps to spend more time together, as well as have some personal discussions about what it was that we needed after a long day and the best way to fit into our schedules during the weekboth of us realized we needed to spend less time "apart". Removing the patterns and moulds we've developed over the course of the last year or so, really has given new life to our relationship.

As for me I'm still playing OSRS... however, I'm down to quite literally the equivalent of a couple of hours per week, now. I've had enough of playing the game and as I've mentioned before it was enjoyable while it lasted. It was a grind at the end, though. phew. A mentally exhausting. I find some afk skilling or agility exercise throughout the week , while I'm at work or while we watch an episode together. It's the only thing I'm looking for these days!

There is no relationship that's identical and you're better than me or any other person on Reddit what is most beneficial for you and your relationship. There are plenty of people who support you and your decision to split.. I guess I just wanted to add a new perspective because your wife might also be in a precarious position but she's not telling you about it and she might need some more love regardless of your decision.

You must do what's best for your needs. If it's divorce, feel free to play OSRS anytime you'd like, or if you want to resolve certain emotions and talk with your wife, it's entirely your decision. There's no reason to osrs buying gp worry about having just a few minutes to yourself.
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