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Posted March 15, 2021 by luxitools

Today we will talk about the steps of using hot melt glue gun:
Today we will talk about the steps of using hot melt glue gun:

1. Wait for the temperature of the glue gun to rise. It takes about two minutes for the tape to soften. When the adhesive strip is completely melted, you only need to press the trigger and the melt will be slowly squeezed out. The heating time of most glue guns is about two minutes. There is a larger industrial-grade glue gun that needs to be heated for 5 minutes to ensure that the glue strip is completely melted.

Some hot melt glue guns have a power switch, while others do not. If your glue gun belongs to the former type, you must push the button to the "on" position before the glue gun starts to heat up. The latter type of glue gun will automatically heat as soon as the power is turned on.

When not in use, place the glue gun on the metal bracket at the bottom. The heated glue gun must not be placed upside down.

2. Gently press the trigger to squeeze out the melted glue. Point the gun nozzle down, close to the object you want to bond. Gently press the trigger until the melted glue sticks out of the gun nozzle. When the nozzle of the gun touches the surface of the object, the molten glue remains on the object. The extruded glue can be dots, circles, or even straight lines, but it must be smooth.

Place a piece of discarded cardboard or tin foil under the object to be bonded to catch the dripping glue.

First take a few pieces of unnecessary materials to practice your hands, wait until you can use the glue gun proficiently, and then do those creations that require accuracy.

You may get burned by the glue gun, or your hands are covered with glue. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

3. The melt glue must not be squeezed too much. Squeeze a little bit at the beginning, and then decide if you need more. A little bit of glue is actually very useful. When the trigger is pressed, the melted rubber strip will flow out quickly, so if you accidentally squeeze it over. The most feared thing is to put large groups of molten glue everywhere. The melt will solidify very quickly, so it is best to squeeze as many as you want.

For example, you only need a small drop of glue to paste the letters made of styrofoam on the three-dimensional model. If the surface area of ​​the object to be pasted is large or heavier, then you have to squeeze the melt into a zigzag or circle shape, so that the object can be fixed more securely.

When using melt glue to stick things, the action must be fast. If you put too much glue on a material with less hardness, the object will become hard and may also affect the appearance.

4. Wait for the melt to dry. Remove the nozzle of the gun from the surface of the object that has just been glued. If the glue gun you are using has a switch, push the button to the "off" position, and then put the glue gun aside. It takes a few minutes for the melt to dry completely. After the melt has cooled and solidified, the objects are also firmly stuck together. To make the materials more tightly combined, you can press it with your hands or clamp the glued object with a clamp.

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