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The search engine is a program. Or, a search engine is a program that searches a user's question from an unlimited internet database (called Keyword / Phrase),
What is search engine?
The search engine is a program. Or, a search engine is a program that searches a user’s question from an unlimited internet database (called Keyword / Phrase), and shows the information related to it in the search results page. Just like Google does. Every question is searched in the world wide web.

Whatever search is done in the Internet, search engine works to show the search result Exact Result. The names of some search engines are “Google, Yahoo, Bing”. Let me explain you well with an example. If a question comes to your mind, you immediately start searching in Google which is a search engine. Your question is “What is a computer and how does it work”.

The search engine searches this question in all the websites on the Internet. Where these questions will match, the name of those websites means will appear in the first page of the search result. After that, you can read the answer to “What is Computer and how it works” by clicking on one of the links.

The question which is called the keyword in the language of INTERNET. So, now a question must have come in your mind that by the way, this search engine means Google, yahoo, Bing.

Name of Major Search Engines
Internet Archive
Indian Search Engine Name
Epic Search
How Does Search Engine Work?
The search engine works in three steps.
Ranking & Retrieval
Seeking means crawling. And understand well acquiring all the data of a websites or acquiring complete information of a websites. In this process, scanning the website, what is the title of the page, information of keywords, how many keywords are there in the content, images and cones have links in the page with the website. But in today’s modern crawler, till Sayyad, we copy the entire cache of a webpage. Along with this, how is the page layout, where is the advertisement, where are the links given, this is also the store.

How does the search engine crawl the website? There is a self-propelled bot which searches every new and old pages, which is called Discovery. Spots are also called bots, which visit cores pages every day. But not like us or you, we read very fast.

According to Google, one visits 100 to 1000 pages in 1 second. When bots find a new page, it is sent for back-end processing (page title, meta tag, keywords, backlink, images, videos). And then checks that the pages are linked and angled with this page.

Whenever a new page is found then the same process is repeated. Crawling + backend processing + indexing. After this, page indexing happens without it Google can never see the right search result. But there are some websites that you can search through TOR NETWORK.

Do not put too much emphasis on your mind, it is very easy to understand indexing. Indexing is a process where all the data found during Crawl is to place all those data in the database. Take an example, you have a lot of books. You are reading the author name of those books, books name, every page of books is crawling but indexing all these details is indexing. Now go to this point, the search engine does not just crawl a website, but crawls and indexing all the websites in the world.

According to Google search sammelan, Google spider crawls about 3 trillion pages every day. This means that google has a library of all the information they have in the world.

Google Search Engine is a very large server for data. Where data is stored in thousands of millions which are peta byte Drive.

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Ranking and Retrieval
This is the last step of the search engine, but this last step is very complex. Because when you search in some google, the task of the first search is that you get the exact information that you are searching for. People have confidence in search engine only when they find user relevant content and show it. Google uses some algorithms for this. The algorithm works according to some parameters. Some of which are content age, content keyword, content page title.

Google has 200 factors for page ranking. Through which it is ascertained that on which position of the page GOOGLE HOME the search result should be seen when searching. It is very easy to understand rank algorithm. Because of which 1 billion web pages are searched by google and show in the first page. By the way, a lot of hackers are putting their minds to hack ranking factors.

The first ranking is estimated how many times the keyword has been used in the post and how many backlinks are these, the site was easily ranked. Now for a few years the google ranking factors have become very smug. Every year Google is changing its algorithm. Because Google allows those sites to come first that are really paying attention. In this way, the search engine works in these three steps.

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