Shop4Pets Offers Bird Baths to Keep Birds Cool in the Summer

Posted March 22, 2018 by Mark_Mims

Pet birds highly depend on birdbaths and water sources to keep themselves hydrated. Baths also play an important role in birds’ feather maintenance. Shop4Pets offers an inside-the-cage birdbath that keeps domestic birds cool during summer.
[b][CABOOLTURE, 23/03/2018][/b] - Shop4Pets, a leading provider of pet supplies in Australia, offers bird baths for pet birds to keep them hydrated during the summer. Giving pet birds a regular source of water also prevents diseases caused by dehydration and improves feather maintenance.

[b]Dehydration from Dry Food and Little Water Source[/b]

Compared to mammals, birds need less water since they have no sweat gland. Instead of perspiring, birds lose water through respiration and their droppings. To replace lost water, pet birds usually need to replenish at least twice a day.

As most pet birds feed off of seeds and other dry foods, they will heavily rely on a water source to be hydrated. Birds, like other pets, can also suffer from dehydration, which can turn into a serious health crisis.

[b]Bathing and Feather Maintenance[/b]

Birds, despite being aerial creatures, also need regular baths. An article published by in 2015 revealed that dipping in water plays an important role in feather maintenance. Feathers not only provide flight and coating to birds, but they are also responsible for waterproofing and insulating these creatures.

Factors like the sun, mites, bacteria and gradual wear take a toll on feathers, making them frayed and dull. Taking baths prevent feather damage from happening too often. The article further explained that baths could even improve birds' flight performance and agility from predators.

[b]Fun Bath Time for Feathered Friends[/b]

Shop4Pets supplies inside-the-cage bird baths from JW Pet Company. This bird bath is sized like a small tub and can fit inside bird cages of small birds like parakeets, cockatiels, and quaker parrots. Made of plastic, the interior birdbath will keep birds cool without conducting heat.

[b]About Shop4Pets[/b]

A leading online supplier of pet supplies in Australia, Shop4Pets provides various pet essentials – from food to shelter and accessories. They carry a range of products for dogs, cats, fishes, birds and small animals like hamsters and gerbils.

To learn more about the company and their products, visit [b][/b].
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