Paper Bag Manufacturers in China - Tips Before Buying in Bulk

Posted December 22, 2021 by marketerscenterprs

An Expert’s Advice From the Leading Paper Bag Producer in China
December 2021 - Paper bags make for great packaging material for almost any business. They are cheap, reliable, and easy to dispose of while minimizing environmental damage. They can also be used as packaging for food products, or colorful gift wrapping. The range of uses that these wholesale brown paper bags have is expansive, so business owners absolutely adore having them around when big shopping sprees come about and the number of individual sales per day rises. Running out of packaging is much more troublesome than people think it is, because that would either mean that the customer would leave disgruntled with the inconvenience of having to carry their products around or not make a purchase at all. Either way is bad, that is why store owners need to stock up well and get optimal deals for paper bags wholesale from only the best paper bag manufacturer they can find.

Why Get Paper Bags?

Paper bags are made with biodegradable materials, which means they decompose quickly when they are discarded. With global warming and climate change slowly but surely taking the toll on the health of the planet and the ecosystems that humans depend on for survival, it is now more important than ever to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors of society. By reducing the consumption of single-use plastic that is very common in the packaging industry, the global rate of pollution will decrease as well. Furthermore, some states in the US and several countries in the EU restrict and even ban the use of single-use plastics, thereby making paper bags and other packaging alternatives more popular and viable.

Know Your Product

Before searching where to buy kraft paper bags wholesale, buyers must first ask themselves what kind of product they will be using them for first. It is quite common for people to buy whichever ones are cheapest but end up having to double bag their products because of weak material or incompatible designs. There are plenty of paper bag variations out there, each with its own sets of customizations that manufacturers are more than happy to apply if the customer needs it. Choose paper bags depending on two major factors: customer comfort and product safety. Good end-to-end service is a quality most successful businesses share.

Add Customizations When Applicable

There are plenty of general-use paper bags, but some industries might benefit from those that have more specific customizations. Paper bags with handles are the most common example of paper bags with customizations. In particular, rope handle paper bags are very common in the wine industry for their elegant look and carrying strength. If one is looking for paper bags that can carry a lot of weight without tearing but are still cheap and easy to store, then the choice of bags with higher paper thickness is recommended. Buyers can check this by looking at the value of the GSM (grams per square meter) - a higher GSM means a heavier and thicker quality of paper based on a sample sheet that is exactly one square meter in size.

Use Different Kinds of Special Paper

Alongside paper with different thicknesses, variation in the material the paper is composed of is also available. These are mostly applied for paper bags that will be used to contain nondurable goods or those that need to strike an additional visual appeal. Wax paper is an excellent choice for food products because of the grease-resistant property of the paper. That is why wholesale wax paper bags are popular with fast food services and even family restaurants for their especially oily take-out food. Gloss or matte finish are options that are usually used for gift bags and other stylized packaging strategies.


Packaging is a factor in any business that requires thinking outside the box. Relying on plain packaging essentially means hiding the product from the public as soon as it leaves the store. By using the tips above, as well as additional creative choices, any businessperson can help their brand stand out amidst the thousands of paper bags out on the streets in the hands of customers. Coordinating with the manufacturers they are getting their kraft paper bags wholesale can allow the businessperson to experiment and find the most cost-efficient and the highest quality of paper bags they can possibly obtain.

Bagitan Packaging is the largest paper bag manufacturer in China and a trusted partner of many world-class companies around the globe as a supplier for bulk paper bags. They have experience working with businesses from different industries ranging from clothing to cafes, and even as an air-sickness bag manufacturer. Their paper bags are produced in their in-house factories using state-of-the-art equipment and undergo several quality control procedures before being shipped anywhere around the globe. For those searching where they can buy wholesale paper gift bags from one of the best paper bag manufacturers and distributors in the world, they are a wonderful pick.
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