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Who doesn’t love greenery around their house? Having plants in and around our houses helps in beautifying the entire look.
Moreover staying close to nature has its own benefits. But when you live in big and metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and etcetera it is not feasible to have a big front lawn or backyard. People who live in apartments find it very hard to get a space for starting their small kitchen gardens.
Gardening is one of the therapeutic activities that give peace to your mind. Although there are people who love to do gardening but think that it is not possible to do it in small spaces like the balcony of their apartment. This is where they get wrong. See, the good news is you can start your kitchen garden within the small space that you have in your apartment. Growing veggies and fruits do not requirea lot of space. Don’t worry if you are a greenhorn and have no clue about which plants to grow and how to take care of them, because we have your back.
Even though gardening is such a soul-soothing activity and feels therapeutic it’s not an easy task to do. If you don’t take proper care of your plants they might die. So, to grow beautiful, lavish green veggies and herbs in the kitchen garden you have to stay dedicated to them. And take a bit extra care of them. Imagine using small cherry red tomatoes in your vegetable that you green in your kitchen garden. Doesn’t it sound yummy and tasty?So, let’s quickly get into the way of growing our own chemical and pesticides free healthy and tasty veggies that we can use in our food.

Choose the Site- The very first step for starting your kitchen garden is selecting the exact location in your apartment where you want to grow your plants. Choose the location where sunlight is easily accessible and also has some area that comes under shade. In this way, you can grow all your plants in one place. Furthermore, keep in mind that the place you choose must have a proper drainage system. Because if you will water your plants the excess water can easily get drained from that area. If you live in a small apartment go for your balcony and if you have your own house go for your rooftop. Your balcony is the best place for starting your kitchen garden. Especially the balcony of Maxworth Realty Company’s apartment. The view from the balcony of these apartments is mesmerizing. Enjoying this view by having beautiful plants beside you is an add on benefit. Isn’t it?

Select the Plants you want to Grow-The next major step in developing your kitchen garden is selecting the plants you want to grow. First, get it clear whether you want to grow edible plants or decorative plants or the combination of both of them. Once you know this it becomes easier to buy the saplings. You can also use seeds of vegetables that you buy for your kitchen. If you want to grow edible plants you should begin with the herbs. Herbs can be easily grown anywhere. Do not blindly buy any sapling, go for plants that will easily grow according to the weather conditions of your area.

Pot and Soil Selection- Once you have figured out the plants you want to grow the next step is to choose soil and pot according to your plant. The texture of the soil should be good and fertile. There are various varieties of pots available like plastic pots, ceramic pots, etc. Buy the pots according to your need and your budget as ceramic pots are a bit costly as compared to other types of products.

Go for Vertical Gardening- If you have a small space go for vertical gardening in this way you can grow more plants even in the small spaces. You can use wall planters or railing planters, etc. for doubling up your gardening space. Lastly, be dedicated to your plants, give the proper amount of water to them. Use fertilizers sporadically to maintain the texture of the soil and the day is not far when you will have your beautiful tiny garden ready.

Maxworth Realty has apartments and houses where you can easily establish your kitchen garden and the phenomenal view you get from the balcony is quite pleasing. You can also check Maxworth Realty Reviews to verify this. So, if you plan to buy a new house go for Maxworth Realty Company. The Maxworth Realty Contact is available on their website.
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