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Waste has become a critical problem now. And this problem is not just in your home or in your city.
But the entire world is facing the problem of waste. And that’s why it’s quite important to manage the waste. It is not possible for you to manage the waste of the entire world or country. But it is definitely possible to manage the waste of your house or apartment or nearest places of your apartments like parks and playgrounds or blank fields. You can collect the waste or garbage easily which is near your house or apartment. it is not a big deal for you at all.

Now let’s understand that what is waste? But before that let me ask you first, what do you mean by waste? I think that your answer will be “all those things which are not useful for us can be called as waste” and if this is your answer this is absolutely right. But I would like to tell you a proper definition of waste. “Waste is unwanted or unusable materials. Waste is any substance that is discarded after primary use. Or a waste product is something which is not good for our environment. All the waste things or products that are not eco-friendly can be known as waste.

Waste has many types, but the five well-known types are:-

Liquid waste – it can be defined as wastewater, fats, oil or grease (FOG) used oil.
Solid waste – commonly known as trash or garbage.
Organic waste – any material or substance that is biodegradable and comes from either a plant or an animal.
Recyclable waste – all those used materials or things that can be recycle known as recyclable waste.

Mixed papers
Paper board
Plastic bottles
Plastic bags
Milk cartons
Old clothes
Empty ice cream containers and etc.
Hazardous waste – those wastes that may contain toxic substances generated from hospitals, factories. And sometimes it is generated from households also.

Oil-based paints
Paint thinners
Wood preservatives
Pesticides and insecticides and etc.
Now the second thing to understand is that what is waste management?

In easy words – all the actions and activities which are done for managing the waste is called waste management. Like-

All the recyclable waste if we recycle those things and use them again, it will be as called waste management.

Now the final thing is how to manage the waste?

Let’s discuss it step by step:-

Keep separate dustbins in your kitchen for wet and dry wastes.

Keep one bag for dry collection of waste. And another bag for other household wastes.

There are many ways of waste management.

Clean your apartments on daily basis. Use both dustbins which are kept in your apartment. Do not mix the dry waste with any other waste. find a proper way to finish the waste. Don’t just throw it out of your apartments. It is your responsibility to clean the places near you. Tell people to use the dustbins. Do whatever you can do for the management of waste. Don’t think that it is not your work. If you will keep cleaning the place where you stay it will be beneficial for you and your family. And for the people who stays near you. Cleanness gives you a great environment. and if you will get a good and clean environment. So it will be good for your health.

If you can run any campaign related to waste management practices for your apartment. It will be great. Aware other people to keep clean their houses and apartments. Focus on how you can manage the wastes generated by you in your apartments. Try not to use plastics or less use of plastic. Because plastic is not eco-friendly. And it harms our environment. Plastic is not biodegradable.

Use the things which are eco-friendly or recyclable.

Waste management is quite important because if waste will increase pollution will automatically increase. And you all know that pollution is also a huge problem.

So please think before throwing the garbage on the roads, beaches, rivers and parks. Are you doing this right? Absolutely not!

It is a humble request to use the dustbins. Help others in waste management invent new ideas for waste management. Moreover, you can also buy apartment houses from Maxworth Realty Reviews that offers good amenities to you. You can easily find Maxworth Realty Reviews on Maxworth Realty India Reviews page. Maxworth Realty India Reviews has more 15 live projects going on in very good locations.
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