How To Choose The Best Hair Products Online

Posted November 4, 2022 by mdfactor

We are a believer in turning anti aging ideas into reality.
With all the heat damage, stress, and pollution that our hair goes through every day, hair care has now become a need.

Our hair won't survive without proper care and products. But before you go on a shopping spree online, here are a few things on how to choose the best-selling hair products online.


● How to buy your Shampoo: With all the awesome options available online, the best strategy is to rotate the shampoo you buy to avoid a build-up of residue and by-products. You should be looking for several great products rather than just one winning formula. Analyze your hair type and what specific needs it has. The prime purpose of a shampoo is to clean the hair, but many brands will also claim that they can strengthen it, and make it shinier.

● How to choose a conditioner: Conditioner is usually followed after shampoo. Conditioner's job is to make hair softer, easier to manage, and protects hair shafts against damage. You can choose between a washout conditioner or a leave-in one. Check online reviews of regular users to know what their experience was with that particular brand.

● More Hair (styling) products: You might need oil, hair spray, gels, serums, etc for different hairstyles. The addition of these products to your hair care routine is to add volume to your hair and keeps your hairstyle in place. In addition to them, satin pillowcases are worth buying as they help in reducing frizz and friction during the night.

● Look out for ingredients: Skipping on the labels means more harm to your hair. It is necessary to know what ingredients go into your shampoo, serum, and conditioner as some products may contain toxins like Sulphates, Mineral oil, paraben, silicone, etc. which are believed to be harmful to your hair as they tend to strip hair of natural oils and moisture. Shelve these products and instead, look for products that have naturally derived ingredients like aloe Vera, jojoba oil, shea butter, honey, and coconut oil. These best-selling hair products will be gentle on your scalp and would not cause any irritations or infections.

● Choose quality over price: When selecting a particular brand, you should always hair product prices across different websites to the cheapest deal. You should always pick a product that will work best for your hair and its requirements. Buying any expensive or cheap product that doesn't show results will only cause damage to your hair and waste your money. Spend your money on a great conditioner rather than a pricey shampoo.

● Read about Hair care brands: With such a diverse variety of hair care brands in the online market, it can get confusing to understand which brand will suit your hair the best. Select the brands which are transparent with their ingredients. Read the formulations and reviews of regular users.

● Consider your hair type: While purchasing the best hair products, it is very important to determine your hair type to know which product would work the best for you.

Here are the factors to determine your hair type.

1) Hair texture: This is determining how thick or thin your strand of hair is. It is further divided into the following sub-parts.

● Fine hair: Fine hair tends to be more sensitive and less immune to styling tools. It is often without volume, limps, and becomes greasy faster. It requires the maximum gentle care. For people with fine hair, Avoid creamy and rich consistencies in your hair products and go for something gel based which includes ingredients like cellulose, proteins (wheat, rice), and polymers that support the fullness and strength of hair. Reduce the usage of hair styling products and don't forget to apply caring products (masks, conditioners, serums) only to your length and ends.

● Medium/ Normal hair: This hair type is neither too greasy nor too dry. It requires minimal care and looks good in any hairstyle. For people with this hair type, any normal hair care Product would be suitable. You can also indulge your hair with a mask treatment sometimes.

● Thick hair: Very voluminous and coarse-looking hair. They have a lot of texture and are prone to frizz. Slightly manageable. People with this hair type should use more moisturizing hair care products. Applying conditioner is a must after every hair wash. You can add smoothing and anti-frizz products to your routine. Cocoa or shea butter-induced products will serve your needs as they have a high content of fatty acids to nourish and hydrate your hair.

2) The texture of the scalp: If you have dry, dull-looking hair that implies you have a dry scalp. It can be stimulated by washing your hair very often, subjecting your hair to color treatments, hot hair styling tools, and lack of adequate hair care in general. Using highly moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and mask and reducing the use of heat would be incredible for your scalp.
If you suffer from an oily scalp, your hair might be greasy and flat. And you wash your hair quite a few times a week. To reduce the oiliness, you can switch to shampoo, conditioner, and tonics for oily hair while avoiding the highly moisturizing and nourishing ones.

3) Porosity: It is the ability of Hair to soak up moisture or product. It can determine what kind of chemical treatments your hair can withstand.

Highly porous hair would soak the product quickly and will become dry even more quickly. To treat this, give your hair an abundance of moisture, nourishment, and creamy/oily products with a gentle and cleansing effect on the hair and scalp.

Your hair will effortlessly devour all the nutrition and hydration from the product if you have normal porous hair. Your hair looks shiny, voluminous, elastic, and healthy. No extra care is required for medium porosity.

If your hair has low porosity, water sits on the outside of the hair and doesn't get absorbed and the product tends to build up. Use deep cleaning shampoos and serums to remove the product build-up. Use hair masks and treatments every fortnight and avoid creamy consistency products.

We can't change our hair. However, by using best-selling skin care products and best-selling hair products we can certainly improve the quality and health of our hair, ending our bad hair days for good.
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