The iconic of melee classes in fantasy is a guy or gal in gleaming metal armor

Posted December 11, 2020 by Megaomgchen

The iconic of melee classes in fantasy is a guy or gal in gleaming metal armor
The iconic of melee classes in fantasy is a guy or gal in gleaming metal armor. Stylistically, these personalities are more refined than barbarians, whose signature appeal is enraged bloodlust.

A flagellate priest--recently militant and guilt-ridden following Diablo 3's celestial siege--will be right at home in the grimdark world of Sanctuary. Taking damage so as to cure allies or fuel additional abilities would result in an enjoyable mechanic with an interesting risk-reward lively: the further damage taken, the stronger the player's healing possible. Admittedly, adding a dedicated healing course to Diablo 4 will come with pros and cons, but a melee-based caster and healer would stand out among more comfortable ARPG classes.

There are other variations on the hulking, armored tank archetype, such as gadget-assisted fighters, though those types of personalities usually rely on elements of steampunk that are more at home in the Torchlight series and are extremely unlikely to appear on the Diablo 4's list of possible classes.

Fisticuffs and fancy footwork dominate the next major melee paradigm, including monks and brawlers. Diablo 3's Monk was a joy to play and a good fit for the world, rounding out physical art with zealous religiosity. When many fans would happily welcome back the dual-wielding fist-weapon user, it appears somewhat unlikely, given the course's powerful association with Diablo 3. More directly forward fist-fighters would probably pale in comparison to this monk's mix of hard hitting melee strikes and faith-based magic, however.

But that does not imply Blizzard should write-off that the"my body is my weapon" trope completely. There are plenty of potential justifications, including a monk who has been tainted by demonic disease, a fist fighter who left a pact with some unidentified dark force working against Lilith, some type of grappled-based wrestler, or everyone's favorite Drunken Monk--there's plenty to join the fray.

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