The editors of the packaging factory have rated the various processes

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The editors of the packaging factory have rated the various processes
To be honest, because of the general circulation of materials and the low cost of such processing, the fault tolerance rate will also increase. It belongs to the upper-middle class.After this period of time, the editors of the packaging factory have rated the various processes. Some businesses that need health products gift boxes have also sent .cufflink-box some email consultations, asking what should be paid attention to in order to customize health product gift boxes.

The appearance can give 4 points 2. The first is the current health care gift box. Customized more common EVA inner support materials:

1. Even if the difficulty is the same as eva, it can be improved if it is wrong. There are n’t any comparison scores like the previous few days that can be shared. The price and cost of this material is not particularly high, but it is not a cheap type. Many health care box printers only need to guarantee The stability of the inner support is sufficient, so a relatively cheap inner material such as foam, plus satin cloth is sufficient, so the cost will be relatively low, and the score on the affordability will give a high score of 4. 5 points

2. Coated paper, cardboard and other materials: 1. From the perspective of cost, the cost of materials compared to ordinary paper, special paper can be said There is no advantage, so it tends to be at least 30% more expensive than other paper materials of the same period. From the appearance analysis, because there are a lot of handbags on the market already made of these materials, it is a relatively tired aesthetic for consumers, Even if the process is outstanding, it is still a bit laborious, so the aesthetic score can only get 3 points

3. If you need to customize a batch of special paper, Rui-Feng Jewel Box Mfg Co., ltd can be as little as 5 days and as many as a week, so you can only get 3 points at most in terms of time cost. 2. 3 points I believe everyone can see from the above two comparisons. To make the raw materials of the handbag, what kind of gap will there be between using special paper and ordinary cardboard coated paper?
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