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Posted October 13, 2021 by metalforceau

Contact Metal Force Recycling to get a good value for your scrap metals. This not only helps you earn some money but is also an environmentally responsible way of getting rid of scrap and making it useful.
30th August’21, Sydney, Australia: Scrap metal refers to the left-over pieces of metal that have been discarded and sent for reprocessing. Scrap metals are highly favoured for recycling as the energy required to recycle the metal is much lower than extracting the metal from scratch; thereby reducing the resource burden on the environment! Metal scraps are of two types, one that contains some amount of iron in it, is known as ferrous metals. The other type is non-ferrous which means that the scrap metal does not contain any amount of iron.

Both Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Are Used For Different Purposes Based On Their Unique Properties:

Magnetic Properties:

Non-ferrous metals do not have any magnetic content which makes it appropriate for wiring and electrical appliance usage.

Due to its magnetic nature ferrous metals are used in certain types of electrical appliances and highly used in the automobile industry.

Price And Availability:

Ferrous metals are easily available and are cheaper than non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are not so easily available, which is a contributing factor to its higher costs.


Non-ferrous metals are light. Ferrous metals are weightier than non-ferrous metals.

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be recycled and recycling these metals has a significantly positive impact on the environment.

The Most Commonly Utilised Non-Ferrous Metals Are:

Aluminum – It is largely used in food packaging, kitchen utensils, and in aircrafts due to its light weight. It can be easily hammered and shaped into thinner sheets and can be easily fused or welded. It is used to manufacture many different kinds of products.

Lead- is a heavy metal that is soft and can be easily melted as it has a low melting point. It can resist rust and corrosion due to which it finds its use in batteries, power cables, soldering and even in construction of buildings.

Copper - Can be easily drawn into thin wires and is a good conductor of heat and electricity which makes it very useful for electrical wiring. It is also used in the manufacture of products such as bearings, brass, and sheet roofs.

Other non-ferrous include metals like zinc, tin, silver and gold. It is important to recycle and reuse these metals as its availability is scarce. These metals can be recycled several times as they do not lose their properties during the process of recycling.

The Most Common Ferrous Metals Are:

Steel - It is the world’s most recycled metal. Steel is made by adding carbon to iron. Steel is a tough metal making it a great choice for the construction industry. Carbon steel is a type of steel which is very hard as it has higher carbon content, making it useful for manufacturing machine tools, blades, taps, etc. Stainless steel has a higher durability and greater strength which makes it useful for several different purposes and is a common household alloy metal.

Cast Iron - Resists wearing off for a longer period of time. It is a brittle metal and is suitable for water pipe, different kinds of tools and kitchen cookware.

Wrought Iron - Has much lower carbon content and higher levels of iron. It can withstand corrosion and is mostly used in railings, fences, nails and other products.

Metal Force Recycling pays you the highest cash values for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You can now collect the scrap metals all over your house and sell it instead of just dumping the bits and pieces in the bin. The price values are given on the website based on the weight of the metal. They collect scrap metals across Sydney and surrounding areas. Apart from buying scrap metals for instant cash, they also buy used, unwanted, damaged and scrap cars.

Contact Metal Force Recycling to get a good value for your scrap metals. This not only helps you earn some money but is also an environmentally responsible way of getting rid of scrap and making it useful. This helps in saving resources and energy that would otherwise be spent on natural extraction of the metal. It also reduces the emissions of green house gases, is an environmentally protective way of reducing metal wastes that end up in landfills!

About The Company

Metal Force Recycling is a scrap metal recycling company based in Sydney. They deal with all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They offer a wide range of services including cash for scrap metal, scrap metal pickups, service bin deliveries, cash for unwanted cars and car removal services. Over the years, they have mastered the trade, and created protocols that need to be followed during metal recycling efforts. Their vision is to reduce waste that ends up in landfills by 65% every year in Sydney.
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