Recycling Scrap Metal: What Can And Can't Be Recycled?

Posted October 13, 2021 by metalforceau

Metal Force Recycling helps you dispose of your scrap metals in a responsible manner. They help you identify and sort out the metals in case of any confusion.
30th August’21, Sydney, Australia: Recycling maybe a sustainable option and recycling metal scraps are environmentally beneficial, but not everything can be recycled. There are certain rules and regulations with regard metal scrap recycling. Let’s take a closer look at what can and can’t be recycled?

Metals That Are Commonly Recycled Include:

Aluminum: It is a lightweight metal that is very commonly used and is easily recyclable. There are many types and variations of aluminum that can be given to scrap dealers in exchange for cash. In other words, you can sell the metal scrap. It is commonly found in household appliances and packaging material. Domestic and industrial aluminum scrap should be recycled as a sustainable option for metal extraction. Recyclable aluminum variants include extruded aluminum, cast aluminum, wheel rims, sheets, wires, cans and aluminum found in automobiles.

Copper: There are different variants of copper that can be recycled by scrap companies like shiny copper, different grades of copper wire, copper found in electrical motors, fridge compressors, etc.

Steel: It is the world’s most recycled metal and is found abundantly in industries as well as has numerous household uses. There are different types of steel available in the market and all its variants such as steel turnings, stainless steel, roofing sheets, white goods, structural steel, and steel used in automobiles can be recycled.

Brass: It is made up of copper and steel. It is a very common household and industrial metal found in bearings, door handles, beds etc. Brass variants include mixed bras, coast brass, Gun metal and Brass swarf. These can be easily sold to any scrap dealer.

Lead: It is a soft industrial metal used in batteries and other products such as piping.

We Have Looked At The Metals That Can Be Recycled Now Let’s Take A Look At The Things That Cannot Be Recycled:

Sometimes scrap metals come along with hazardous waste materials which cannot be recycled. There are usually two types of metals that cannot be recycled, found in a scrap metal junkyard, one category is the metals that cannot be physically recycled while the other category includes metals that are illegal to be recycled.

The reason certain substances are not accepted by scrap dealers are because it may be detrimental to the safety of the staff and the environment. Prohibited materials include:

Poison: Poison is dangerous and is hazardous to health as well as the environment.

Asbestos: Recycling asbestos requires a different process and is best left to experts who deal with its recycling as asbestos is first converted to glass and then recycled. Scrap metal recyclers are not equipped with that kind of recycling. Therefore, products containing asbestos will not be accepted at a metal yard.

Explosives And Corrosive And Flammable Liquids: These are prohibited for obvious reasons.

Timber: This requires a different method of recycling; therefore it is not accepted at scrap yards.

Radioactive Waste: Radioactive waste can be highly dangerous and has a specific method of disposal. Radioactive waste should be handled by well trained professionals.

Other items that cannot be recycled at a scrap yard include gas bottles and pressure vessels, concrete and soil, green and bio waste as well as liquid waste.

Illegal Waste: This includes items that are public property such as manhole covers, anything belonging to the city for public use like sign boards and street lighting.

Now that you are aware of what scrap can be recycled and what you cannot, you can easily get in touch with professional scrap recyclers to sell any scrap metal waste you may have. Metal Force Recycling helps you dispose of your scrap metals in a responsible manner. They help you identify and sort out the metals in case of any confusion. The company is licensed to buy non-ferrous as well as ferrous metal scraps. It also helps you get the highest cash worth for your scrap metals across Sydney and surrounding areas. If you need any further assistance with recycling scrap metal do’s and don’ts, you can get in touch with the customer friendly staff and they will help you with your queries! The website has all the information regarding scrap price offers and further information is available in the FAQ section.

About The Company

Metal Force Recycling is a scrap metal recycling company based in Sydney. They deal with all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They offer a wide range of services including cash for scrap metal, scrap metal pickups, service bin deliveries, cash for unwanted cars and car removal services. Over the years, they have mastered the trade, and created protocols that need to be followed during metal recycling efforts. Their vision is to reduce waste that ends up in landfills by 65% every year in Sydney.
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