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SVR Global is a dependable Plug Valve Manufacturer in USA that offers a wide range of Plug Valves.
We also offer customized Plug Valves that are manufactured to specific industrial demands. Our Plug Valves are tested to ensure they meet all of our client's requirements.

Definition of a Plug Valve:

Plug valves are categorized as straight-line, quarter-turn valves with rotary action that are typically employed in the fully open and fully closed positions.
Plug valves are also known as quarter-turn valves because the plug moves 90 degrees between the fully open and fully closed positions. On/off valves either permit flow (on) or fully obstruct it (off). Because they may effectively stop the flow into a system segment, these valves are also known as isolation valves. This is typically done for maintenance purposes.

Plug valves, also known as cock valves, get their name from the kind of valve disc that is utilized. Plug valves consist of a stopper placed over a passage. The stopper is a plug with a hole in it. Port refers to the hole. The plug may be conical or cylindric. Media can pass via the port when it is aligned with the passageway. The channel is sealed when it is rotated 90 degrees. The handle (actuator) shows the valve's position (perpendicular = closed, inline = open).

The valve's body features two housings that can be screwed into the pipes on the outside. The shutter, which can be compared to some conical corks that might restrict the flow, is located inside the valve's body. The stem to which the actuator is attached can be seen on top of the shutter, usually attached to the end with a bigger diameter.
Although there is a diamond port design that is good for throttling applications, plug valves are not ideal for regulating or throttling flow.
Plug valves come in lubricated and non-lubricated designs.

Types of a Plug Valve:
SVR Global specialize in a variety of plug valves, including
• 3-way plug valve
• Lubricated plug valve
SVR Global is a leading and reputed Lubricated plug valve manufacturer in USA. To start or stop the flow of the medium in a system, a lubricated plug valve with a tapered or cylindrical plug is used. This valve has a lubricated plug inside it which helps in the flow of the medium. The valve’s lubricant minimizes the force that is necessary to open and close, allowing it for smooth plug movement in the valve. They can be used in both high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. It is manufactured by using corrosion-resistant materials to keep the valve from corroding.
To minimize friction and seal ports, the Lubricated Plug Valve uses a lubricant that is made up of base oil and viscosity improver that is injected under pressure between the body seat and plug. While there are four different types of plug valves, the two most commonly used plug valves are lubricated and non-lubricated plug valves. The lubricated plug valves work well in processes that use mediums that carry slightly abrasive particles, such as dirty upstream applications and gas pipeline systems This type of valve has a lubricated plug that helps to start or stop the flow of the medium in the valve.

• Eccentric plug valve
SVR Global is the largest Eccentric Plug valve manufacturer in USA. Eccentric Plug valves are specialised valves that are used to handle wastewater flows. When the valve is supplied with glass or rubber linings, it can be used for Abrasive Fluids as well. Because it's a quarter-turn valve, it's simple to automate for process flow or pressure control. These Eccentric Plug valves have a cast iron body with a removable bolted cover. The plug features a tough covering that seal against the body's nickel-welded seat. The Eccentric Plug Valve's valve shaft is usually integrally cast as part of the plug and rotates in stainless-steel bearings in the bottom of the body and the cover.
Eccentric plug valves manage corrosive, coking, and other difficult-to-handle fluids by throttling or turning them on and off. For durable service in slurry situations, the flanged valves have streamlined flow passageways and durable, metal trim components.
• Jacketed plug valve
SVR Global is a leading Jacketed Plug Valve manufacturer in USA. Jacketed plug valves are easy to open and close, have minimum resistance to flow and are easy to maintain and work well when they are sealed. These valves are used in chemical, petroleum, and other industries. SVR Global manufactures good quality and amazing jacketed Plug Valves. A Jacketed Plug valve is a valve that prevents or starts flow using a plug that controls the flow in the valve. When a rapid operation is necessary for the system, plug valves are used instead of a gate valve. It's frequently used in high-pressure applications and applications that work with high temperatures. Jacketed Plug valves have the ability to keep the system warm and cold at the same time. It can minimize medium heat loss in the pipe and pass medium that solidifies at room temperature.
• Lined plug valve
• Sleeved plug valve

The most common plug valve model is the 2-port valve with two positions: open to make the fluid flow and closed to stop the flow. To go from open to close position the shutter rotates by 90°. It is also possible for a plug valve to have more than two ports. A multiport plug valve has the great advantage to make the flow split into as many ports as the valve has.
Applications of a Plug Valve:

Plug valves are often used in the following applications:
• Chemical services
• Corrosive substances
• Extreme temperature flow applications
• High-pressure flow applications
• Oil piping systems
• Vacuum to high-pressure

Advantages of a Plug Valve:

• Allow for in-line maintenance
• Easy to assemble and operate.
• Ensure a tight seal.
• Fast-acting
• Fire safety and durability- Because the actual plug and body seating surface are not exposed to the line fluid, there is less chance of corrosion or erosion.
• Has a low initial cost.
• Little pressure drop
• Low flow resistance
• Lubricated plug valves seat problems are easily repaired in line with the addition of grease.
• May be readily removed for maintenance, repair and cleaning.
• Oil piping systems
• Provide dependable leak-free service.
• Simple to open and close (except for large dimensions).
• The use of many ports reduces the required valves and allows flow direction changes.
• There are fewer rotating components.
• Tight shut-off
• Require relatively little upkeep.
• Suitable for multiport applications
• Versatile enough to be used with huge flow rates.

Disadvantages of a Plug Valve:
• Because of the conic plug, the plug valve transitions narrow flows.
• Because of the high friction, they require more force to operate.
• Expensive.
• Experiences pressure drop due to reduced port pressure.
• Have the potential to be irritating.
• Incompatible with throttling applications.
• Larger valves require an actuator.
• More space is required.
• More substantial.
• The plug valve seat is often constructed from plastic or polymer materials, this makes the valve ill-suited to high-temperature applications.
• The tapered plug design results in a smaller port.

Industries that use Plug Valves:
Plug valves are used in a variety of industries, including
• Chemicals
• Oil and gas
• Power generation
• Production
• Wastewater treatment

Description of a Plug Valve:
SVR Global is a dependable Plug Valve Manufacturer in USA that has the following features-
Body material: Cast Carbon steel plug valve [WCC, WCB, WC6], Stainless Steel plug valve [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F31L, F91], Duplex Steel and Super Duplex Steel, Plug valve [F51, F53, F55], Cast iron, Ductile Iron.
Class: 150 to 2500; PN 10 to PN 450
Ends: Buttweld, Flanged, Socketweld, Threaded
Operations: Electric actuated plug valve, Gear operated plug valve, Lever operated plug valve, Pneumatic actuated plug valve
Size: 1/2” to 48”; DN15 to DN1200

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