Ministry Of Tea Have Created The Tea Trifecta With Their Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea

Posted July 9, 2022 by Ministryofteauk

Ministry of Tea Improve Their Turmeric Ginger Tea With a Hint of Liquorice
The talented alchemists at Ministry of Tea have been working tirelessly to create their new blend of “Organic Turmeric, Liquorice and Ginger Tea.” And it’s a good thing they got it right. Because after a cup of this unique pick-me-up blend they’ll be back at it again, brewing exciting new flavours for their customers to enjoy.

The organic ingredients in Ministry of Tea’s products mean they are chemical-free and eco-friendly, so they are safe for the body and safe for the planet. The unique infusion of ginger, turmeric, and liquorice in this revolutionary blend means it is ideal for those annoying little niggles that can interfere with daily activities, and this tea is a great way to beat those midday and afternoon energy slumps.

The Tea Meisters at Ministry of Tea know that when consumed daily, ginger tea helps reduce bloating and boost immunity, while daily turmeric consumption assists in reducing chronic pain and inflammation. Both of these ingredients help diminish the symptoms and can even eliminate many chronic ailments because of their powerful medicinal properties that have been trusted for centuries. Add to that the properties of liquorice tea like improved digestion and anti-microbial benefits, and you have a super tea that can stave off most common illnesses.

“By combining the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger, liquorice, and turmeric we have created the ultimate tea blend to boost the immune system and ward off colds and flu,” says a Ministry of Tea spokesperson. “Our new tea also aids digestion and optimal gut health, and it soothes stomach aches and sore throats. Did I mention how delicious it smells? The warm sweet and spicy aroma and taste will make you think about traveling to exotic destinations.”

Whether suffering from a throbbing migraine or excruciating menstrual pain, a cup of Ministry of Tea’s Organic Turmeric, Liquorice and Ginger blend is a wholesome and therapeutic cure. All three ingredients have also shown to be quite effective in reducing nausea and vomiting, though liquorice is usually not recommended during pregnancy.

Medicinal or healthy drinks rarely taste as good as people claim. But Ministry of Tea has produced a triple-threat tea. One that has all the benefits of traditional and ancient remedies that have stood the test of time, but also has the delectable flavour of liquorice. Whether drunk cold or hot, black or with milk, ginger, turmeric, and liquorice tea will leave you feeling energetic and nourished for the rest of the day.

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Ministry of Tea is a London-based company who are passionate about tea. They endeavour to source the highest quality organic teas from all over the world and create custom blends that are unique and delicious. Whether searching for exotic blends or simply a relaxing bedtime brew, Ministry of Tea prides itself on its original herbal concoctions and aromatic mixtures which are sure to delight. Their fruity infusions are the ideal refresher whether enjoyed piping hot or ice cold. Buying premium tea online couldn’t be easier because of Ministry of Tea’s vast collection of creative blends. Take a sip and get whisked away to distant lands.
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