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Posted June 7, 2022 by Ministryofteauk

Delight And Experience The Universal Delicious Green Tea Without Caffeine
The goodness of decaffeinated green tea, healthy, and rich in antioxidants is just as nutritious as green tea. Most teas contain small amounts of caffeine but when green tea is decaffeinated by its natural water process it retains 95% of its antioxidant components providing the same health benefits.
Decaf green tea holds the same universal health benefits as green tea, which helps prevent serious medical ailments. It helps the body relax, de-stress and reduces anxiety; and is enjoyed without caffeine.
Green tea is extremely popular because of its many possible health benefits. It is packed with healthy and beneficial antioxidants. When exposed to too much cigarette smoke, air pollution or sunlight unstable molecules form within the body called oxidative stress. It is thought that oxidative stress could be the cause of many hostile diseases like cancer, and a high antioxidant level will help prevent diseases and illnesses.
It was been noted in lab testing that countries, where people drink more green tea, have a lower rate of cancer sufferers. Those who enjoy green tea but without caffeine content can do so by drinking decaf green tea. It is good for the heart and decreases cholesterol levels.
“Many people are sensitive to caffeine and are affected by trace elements where they may experience restlessness, headaches or increased heart rates. Decaf green tea allows those who either have this problem or prefer a drink without caffeine to continue enjoying decaf green tea as there are no negative caffeine effects,” said a company spokesperson of the Ministry of Tea.
Like green tea, decaf green tea can help with weight loss and improve one’s memory. Researchers from Japan discovered that regular consumption of decaf green tea could improve memory retention. It can help reduce and relieve mental stress.
Caffeine can raise blood pressure and too much intake is not good for the body if anyone experiences issues can still benefit from the joys of green tea by changing to decaf green tea. Although decaf green tea can be enjoyed by anyone it should be consumed in moderation as in other herbal teas.
Decaf green tea is available from the store in tea bags or brewed from the comfort of one’s home. Steep the leaves in boiling water for a few minutes and enjoy the liquid by adding honey or milk. Ensure decaf green tea is stored in a dry, dark cupboard and avoid light and moisture and the tea will keep a longer shelf life.
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