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Posted July 7, 2022 by MitchellUSA

It is so important to understand what your skin actually needs. Whether it is a dark spot removal serum or a good moisturiser
It is so important to understand what your skin actually needs. Whether it is a dark spot removal serum or a good moisturiser, use the right product at the right time. Along with the right products, one must follow a regular skincare routine to attain and maintain clear skin for a lifetime.

The below-mentioned 10-step skincare steps are something everyone, regardless of experience level, has heard of or at least experimented with. The basic Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize method only has three steps, but the 10-step regimen sounds much more complicated (and time-consuming).

Do not be alarmed; we are here to assist you in mastering this Korean skincare trend that will leave your skin glowing, moisturised, and clear as glass. The goal of these ten stages is to layer goods properly rather than relying just on heavy cream or abrasive cleaner to get the job done.

Let's start by dispelling the myth that you need to perform 10 steps each day in order to have clear skin. It's more important to use the right products for your skin type and issues and layer them appropriately based on their consistencies than it is to use a lot of products.

You can modify this practice to meet your requirements and lifestyle once you understand what works for your skin. When it comes to the time-consuming part, I can guarantee you that the 10-step regimen to clear skin is both therapeutic and effective once you get into a regular pattern. Your skin will appreciate you for it.

1. Oil-Based Cleanser- To remove the stubborn makeup and dirt.
2. Water-Based Cleanser - Whether a natural anti aging face wash or a deep cleaning charcoal face wash, your cleanser should have oils to ensure it does not leave your skin dry after every wash.
3. Exfoliator- to unclog your pore and help your skin breathe.
4. Toner - This step is for maintaining your PH levels and giving your skin an even tone.
5. Essence - For a soothing feeling.
6. Serum - it could be any type that is needed by your skin like the best face tightening serum or just a vitamin c brightening serum.
7. Sheet Mask - for an extra dose of moisturisation.
8. Eye Cream - it is important to keep your dark circles and fine lines at bay.
9. Moisturiser - An unavoidable step in your skincare routine.
10. SPF/ Night Cream - depending on the time of the day, you must apply an SPF lotion (day) or Night cream (night) to make sure your skin is fully protected.

Follow these simple steps religiously and have your skin feel happier and more loved. Now you might be dreading that you have to follow all the steps every day but here’s the good news - You do not have to!

This 10-step skincare regimen is quite adaptable. On some days, you can choose to do 4 steps, 7 steps, and even all 10 steps. Some procedures, such as exfoliation and sheet masks, should only be performed two to three times per week. It's up to you to know which products to use on your skin type and how to stack them according to consistency. Always work your way up from lightest to heavier.
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