Her tripping we took 7 grams together

Posted May 21, 2020 by MLCgames

As long as you find a balance between gaming and doing different things, I don't really see it negatively.
I don't believe asking this question on a runescape related subreddit will receive you some answers, because most people will likely say it's no problem. In my eyes, it can turn into a issue, based on how much time spent on RuneScape. I suggest playing games generally that leads to issues like prioritizing gaming over other things like relationships and can be an addiction, eating, doing some type of sport living a life that is healthy. As long as you find a balance between gaming and doing different things, I don't really see it negatively.

He sounds insecure, and imo it's not your obligation to accommodate his jealousy / insecurity by limiting yourself and restricting what you get pleasure out of what hobbies you might have. Jealousy / paranoia / insecurity is a flag rather than a characteristic in a partner. In spite of the subject of the thread- I've had positive experiences with getting my existing partner to play RS3 and anything. I am a lesbian woman and none of my earlier spouses have wanted to try RuneScape whatsoever [mainly because gaming / runescape is more male orientated / not especially woman friendly completely,] despite me trying to have them interested until my present girlfriend [a OSRS participant ] and I did magic mushrooms every month.

Her tripping [we took 7 grams together over two times ] made her more receptive to trying RS3, made her feel much less judgmental about RuneScape / enabled her to tolerate RuneScape, and since then she's now created a HCIM to join my ironman in the clan I'm an admin in. We'll do dailies together like nemi forest or caches and RuneScape skill together despite me 2700 total, and after 1.5 months of playing, she is 1.3k total with me educating her and stuff about RuneScape.

If he is really concerned about you enjoying with a game due to long distance relationships you had in the past, it seems like a trust issue on his part, and nothing related to runescape particularly. Everyone games these days, while it's runescape or fortnite or whatever game you want. That is like saying he does not want you to go to the mall because one time you went to a date with someone else there. Visiting the mall doesn't mean you going to cheat just because you had a date.

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