It's just like the freedom timer

Posted January 2, 2020 by MMOexpshop

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Either you go with or without alt1, that's your free choice. But don't whine about others using it and having an easier time than you when you picked yourself, not to utilize it. Personally, not understanding the context, yeah, I have done well over a million elites myself and played runescape for close to 15 years. I'm a part of clue chasers Discord and also have followed this debate for quite a very long time. I know what I'm talking about. You seem like you do also, but you mostly appear being toxic for the sole reason of needing to be that: poisonous and to complain.

I really don't blame alt1 consumers at all, difficulty is that jagex are now balancing about its existence; on release of the hint rework slider puzzles were actually in a really great state until a while after when they realised that alt1 users were racing through them too quickly and decided to massively increase the randomisation; would you understand what I mean? They're attacking users and which makes it worse for them so as to equilibrium for the alt1 users.

This isn't okay. It's just like the freedom timer, if they were to begin designing bosses on the assumption you used a screen reader to keep track of various mechanisms imagine? Would this be an acceptable situation? I am speaking about the context of this specific discussion and why I personally am annoyed at jagex's behavior on the problem, I was not saying that you don't understand what you are talking about generally. You don't need to flex brother.

However, what if Jagex does it all, but calls it a huge clue update that took enormous dev time that explains no major updates/quest for weeks when it's actually only a run of the mill patch week that happens to be dedicated to clues. With a lot of patch weeks has not the ninja team turned into the main devs and the big content teams become those who sporadically throw out arbitrary upgrades (that the ninja group then has to dedicate a whole patch week or two to fix that as well)?

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