Obtained via a quest that requires a sword

Posted April 15, 2020 by MMOexpshop

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World of Warcraft Classic is home to some of the artistic renditions of dream weapons ever created. You can tell by the detail put into a number of these weapons the art and design team gave it their best effort to create beautiful, detailed products that are jaw-droppingly. And, oftentimes, they succeeded with flying colours. So that retail WoW gamers will jump through hoops to obtain copies of those weapons.

While the hoops gamers have to go through to obtain these skins might be smaller than that which it took back in 2004, the result stays the same. For everyone to understand how badass your personality is, you've got to look the part. Whether your goal is to turn some heads or crack them open, it's as simple as equipping these bad boys.

Obtained via a quest that requires a sword to heat at the fiery breath of a dragon and temper its steel with the blood flowing from her heart that is stilled, Quel'Serrar is every bit as epic as the pursuit required to claim it. It's got one of the broadest blades of any weapon in the game, which makes any enchant thrown onto it much more noticeable. The symbols that gleam along the middle of the blade, as well as its crossguard and pommel, give it a presence, like a blade befitting a king.

A lightsaber? In World of Warcraft? You bet. It's got a fall rate of 0.01%, so odds are you'll never really see one. You may pick up this quest after killing the demon Balnazzar in the end of Stratholme side.

This fire's teardrop lord. The black leather-wrapped gold hilt of the weapon transitions into a distinctively shaped blade which glows with colors of red, yellow, and orange. It drops off of Ragnaros at a 14.81% speed and is one of the best daggers available to Rogues through the majority of Classic's content. Great luck on winning the roster for this item. When you do, you will be rewarded with your rogue guildies' envy.

This item drops off of Ahn' Qiraj 40, the god C'Thun's ending boss. It won't be from the game this year until Stage 5 releases. But talk about a literal eye turner. As you are wielding it the purple eye in the Axes center looks around and blinks. Creepy. The proc on this weapon makes it near unbeatable for PvP, since the 3-second stun continues through damage dealt.

It is quickly clear that the designers employed a dragon theme when considering the weapons that drop out of Blackwing Lair. Which makes sense, seeing as the Lord of Blackrock is a dragon. The weapon blade spills from the dragon's mouth like a tongue. Rubies are inserted giving it glaring red eyes. It's one and a design of the best swords in the game to boot up.

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