World of Warcraft: The Launch of TBC Classic will result in the suspension of the old Classic Version

Posted May 22, 2021 by MMOFAN

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Since the "World of Warcraft" Burning Expedition classic pre-patch mission was opened, almost everyone in the old Classic server went empty, and the number of players plummeted. The comrades who used to swim in the old Classic server almost unanimously switched to the TBC version.

It is undeniable that the TBC version is the best version that most players think. It is understandable that players choose to go to the TBC version, but the gray red believes that the opening of TBC Classic is not necessary at all. I even think that Blizzard’s opening of TBC Classic is unnecessary. It will also destroy the old Classic version.

Reason 1: the number of players

As mentioned earlier, since the eve of TBC Classic, a large number of players have flocked to the TBC Classic version, which has caused the number of players in the old Classic to drop off a cliff. Even the scarlet players who fly planes are few and can stay in the old classics. Players are basically those who have a soft spot for old-world classics. Although some TBC Classic Gold players admits that the TBC version is very good, they prefers the settings of the old classic version.

And there are not a few players who have this idea in the gray and red. They prefer the old classic settings, such as the epic grand plot, the well-designed equipment appearance, of course, the old classic settings also have many inappropriate designs. For example, the mission system, the map system, the skill talent system, etc., these are the fundamental reasons to dissuade the fresh blood, and many players who are used to playing the formal server are very uncomfortable with the classic settings, such as the transmog system, the mount system, etc. .

Then, under the combination of these problems, the number of players in the old Classic will not only be greatly reduced, but it will also cause the old Classic server to be overwhelmed and eventually face the possibility of suspension.

Reason 2: Cost revenue

So when the old-world classic nostalgic version population is not enough to maintain revenue, the situation of the old classic nostalgic version will be extremely embarrassing, and the old classic nostalgic clothing may become a complete ghost clothing in the constant loss of players, which means Blizzard is likely to permanently close the old-world classic nostalgic service after weighing the pros and cons, so that players who love the old-world classic nostalgic service lose this version.

Reason 3: Butterfly Effect

So once the old-world classic nostalgic service is closed by Blizzard, TBC nostalgic players who want to return to the old-world classic nostalgic service will have no place to stay. Their choice is to stay in the TBC nostalgic service or return to the official service. Possibly, then TBC nostalgic clothing will also have a large population loss of old-world classic nostalgic clothing, resulting in two nostalgic clothing being closed by Blizzard.

Of course, this is just unfounded worries in the gray and red, but it is not groundless, because for a company, profit is always the top priority. No company will consume a lot of capital for a non-profit business, so cut down unprofitable projects. Of course.

What's more, the purpose of Blizzard’s launching of nostalgic servers is to resurrect in private service, not out of feelings. If Blizzard really launches nostalgic clothing out of feelings, then Blizzard will definitely optimize the nostalgic clothing more comprehensively, such as updating the character model, Transmogrification system, mount system and so on. Don't forget there are some WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold for sale on
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