While I rarely write anything about Runescape

Posted October 7, 2021 by MMOgrfy

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Penance – 20% prayer restores the damage that was taken. It can cancel the effects of Smite or Divine's prayer drain. Berserker: +10% att and str (similar effect to an extra potion) and -50% defense. It stacks with potions. If you have 1 def, the defence reduction effect does not apply. Dark Magic - possible for slightly more damage when using mage. Ancestor spirits - chance of an extra vengeance effect (not verified). Aegis 10% reduction in damage. It stacks with soak, divine and ely.

While I rarely write anything about Runescape I decided to share my experiences with RS as a player/pker. I observed that pkers botched more frequently than normal players.

I have lots of experience in pking. It has been my observation that many people bottled from actual evidence. This is because I was trained to highly suspicious levels, such as 99 str 20 att, 90-99 skills on level 40-60 and so forth. This trend is apparent in all bots that are also pkers.

This is a way to undermine my loyalty to Jagex. Modern Combat 3 will be out in the near future (it's an application) and I will not be subscribing to it. However, I would like to offer a suggestion to future users: Get a DFS/Anti Drag shield if you don’t have a super-antifire. It is not recommended to make use of any boost if you fear death is real. Extremes or Turmoil, because you'll end up wrecking yourself.

You can take Extremes/Turmoil. You'll require it, I assure you. You should be alert for melee attacks. RS Wiki and other idiots claim that range is bad so not true. Melee will also be an enormous killer (melee the drags themselves use). Be prepared to die. Jagex is finally redeeming Frost Dragons as potential killers. It's likely to be a great practice for TDs/vice versa. If you are prone to rage (erm ...) be prepared to.

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