I did so and I entered to RuneScape

Posted December 19, 2020 by MMOruki

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Alright, so I haven't played Runescape in some time, almost a year in fact. Now, my question is how much has changed? I'd like to know when I get Mem's again (in about a week) exactly what I should concentrate on? I'd also appreciate it if you can tell me how cash making has shifted. My prime methods last year comprised RC Guild Pouch Nat crafting, Green Dragons, High Alching for profit and a few others. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I've got 83 range, and I'll be going to avansies for 90 or so range. What should I change in that setup (I.E., exactly what Arma item should I have, and how does that impact the rest of the setup?) ? Should you read this whole thing, put"I read it" at the end of your article. I will be killing outside the Eyrie. I made a bet with a friend of mine that at a 30 day membership I could find a 99. I chose firemaking since I have level 61 and I discovered that it would cost about 5.8M for to 99. However, I've only ten days until the membership is upward.

So I am doing Troll Stronghold and I had been wondering what the best way to defeat the troll general would be. As of now I am training prayer to 43 and im intending on using melee to dds him then just use a dlong. I have enough bones to get 43 prayer at ectofuntus that ought to only take a hour or so. I lost my ring of life, and because I died the first time I tried I only have 100k or so to spend on new things (I had to purchase all new things. This is my next attempt at the troll general.) My inventory will be 4 prayer pots (4) along with the rest sharks. Any suggestions?

So I was considering moving revenant searching... My conditions r.. . 65 att, 65 def, 70 str, 45 prayer, 67 hp( battle lvl of 82) I'm thinking of wearing complete rune or complete d'hide (notice I att by mele and I am only 46 range and only 60 magical so attackign them range or magic is not very good idea due to my low lvls in them). I tried it b4 I did it by full rune, and complete lobbies inv. But cause u need to go deeper to find the revenants or u will wait for along time till u find a person.

I did so and I entered to a high wildy lvl so many high revenants lvl can att me. And cause my amazing luck I got assaulted by ork revenant lvl 105 and I died in under 30 secondes. So I was wondering whether there's a popular spot for revenants lvl 80-. And which armour shoudl I use. What if I take in my inventory. I am non-mem btw. Please don't tell me they are not good for coaching and they don't fall anythign mainly cause I know this I am doing it for pleasure.

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