I'm being honest I'm still trying to PSO2

Posted September 11, 2020 by MMOruki

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Thanks for the advice! I switched my force sub class to a fighter so that I can find the trophy on steam so far I'm enjoying the different course. I am Taking all the time required to learn as much as you can about the game and it's mechanisms as I've been attempting to play this game for more than a year now. One place that I know I really need help with is crafting since I never seem to discover the proper materials. Also is there a site that shows all of the enemies in the game? I want to get familiar with what enemies are in what stages and Different Kinds of enemies

Crafting is complicated for the incorrect motives. In short items of specific rarities can be dismantled for crafting components. You then proceed to do a class of craft. Doing particular crafts earns achievements and every Achievement makes you crafting exp towards that classes level. You can dismantle Disc of Lvl 11+ and weapons of rarity 7+.

Example: You want to produce a locked fire techniques. So you dismantle level 11+ Techs to get Fragments Then you craft a fire methods to earn achievements. As you do these achievements you'll unlock new alternatives and techs to operate on. Fire earns more flame techs to edit.

As for enemies you can break em down in to categories. Earth >Field>Area. The first planet is Naverious that has three areas: Forest Tundra and Ruins. It may look strange to locate yetis in ruins but thats because its all on precisely the exact same planet. Learning what spawns on every planet is the best approach to identify where to look for enemies. As for Area I just refer to Bosses, Minibossees, and Zone 2 spcifics. So Vol dragon is the manager of volcano and also catadran is your miniboss. Fodrans spawns in volcano but only to place 2 (If always visit area 2). The machine was changed so you dont need to do sub quest fields to unlock expeditions, so learning may not come as straightforward.

Wow that does sound really complicated to get a crafting system?? And yeah I'm slowly learning all of the enemy spawn but it's a learning curve. My friend had brought up how you can find certain enemies at the sub quests. I believe the specific quest I needed to do was supress phongruff and this had been previously in the game when I did not know so I just struggled aimlessly in woods for a bit until I looked up what I needed to do. A good deal of quests let you go and hunt an enemy but give you no indication as to what stage or planet that they spawn on. And when I'm being honest I'm still trying to incorporate the titles of each planet. For some reason off the top of my head I remember wopal but that's likely due to the amount of times I have done pressing quests on wopal this week. Defiently a fun game although I could see myself putting over 100 hours into it. My only gripe is the slow pace of the story mode but I am loving how it builds upon the figures in ark. I truly like how healthy fourie is and how much she adores the lillipons. What I am eager to learn is more about melfonseanna along with her relationship with the man she always follows (can not recall his title??) . I am aware that something happened about a decade prior to 238 that caused him to alter and become how he is now and I am very eager to find out just what's going on. The Entire story just has a lot of mystery around it in episode one and I am really digging it.

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