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Gold Testing Machine - Get an XRF analyzer at AXR Scientific, we provide advanced gold testers, precious metal karat analyzers, and gold testing machines.

The content of main elements in precious metal jewelry directly affects its quality, appearance and maintainability, and has a significant impact on its production, sales and purchase. The basic price of precious metals is high and the weight is small. The fluctuation of the raw material market price will lead to significant changes in production costs and sales prices. It can be seen that the production, sales and consumption of precious metal jewelry have a high demand for accurate quantitative analysis of the content of precious metal elements.

For on-site identification of precious metal quality, there are traditional methods, such as weighing and calculating density, observing color and lustre, and hardness testing. These on-site identification methods rely on experience, and even if they are experienced, they may be misjudged and have poor reliability; accurate analysis can be done in relevant identification agencies, but the timeliness is poor.

Why Terra990 Handheld XRF Analyzer Is the Good Choice for Jewelry Testing?

With the Terra 990 Handheld XRF Analyzer, accurate quantitative analysis of precious metal elements can be achieved. The instrument has good performance, easy operation and easy to read results. At the same time, Terra 990 is non-destructive testing, which avoids the possible impact of testing and analysis on the appearance and performance of the gold and jewelry to be tested.

The Terra 990 Handheld XRF Precious Metal Analyzer provides a complete solution for elemental analysis in the production, sale and recycling of precious metal products. The instrument is equipped with a high-performance X-ray excitation device and Si-PIN detector, which can achieve accurate quantitative analysis. Customers can also choose a silicon drift detector (SDD) to improve the resolution of the instrument and reduce the time required for analysis.

Features of Handheld XRF Analyzer Terra990 for Precious Metal and Jewelry

1.Fast and accurate:
Fast, accurate and reliable analysis, the analysis results can be displayed in seconds;

2.Intuitive and easy to use:
Large-size high-definition touch screen, graphical interface, and the test results are intuitive and clear;

3. Safe and non-destructive:
An automatic radiation protection device is installed to protect the safety of operators, and the detection does not damage the appearance of precious metal samples;

4. Simple and lightweight:
. No need for much training, easy to operate. Compact design for easy portability without any sample preparation.

Fundamental Parameter (FP) method of Handheld XRF Analyzer for Terra990 Made by AXR Scientific

The quantitative analysis of the Terra 990 handheld XRF elemental analyzer is realized by the Fundamental Parameter (FP) method. The quantitative analysis accuracy of the Fundamental Parameter method is good, and in the calibration work of the subsequent analysis, there is no need to use additional standard samples. The empirical correction method has higher analysis efficiency in practical applications. According to the quantitative analysis results of gold (Au) and silver (Ag), we perform linear fitting with the actual content and measured values of the elements as the horizontal and vertical axes respectively:

The results show that the instrument can accurately reflect the actual content of elements in different samples, and has good on-site analysis ability.

How about the Repeatability of the Handheld XRF Analyzer for Gold Testing?

In order to test the stability and repeatability of the Terra 990 handheld XRF elemental analyzer, we selected standard samples containing gold (Au), silver (Ag), and palladium (Pd) three precious metal elements for 10 tests, each test time It is 30s (data units are all percentages), and the test results are compared with the sample data:

Standard Vlaue

The test results show that the analysis results of the Terra 990 handheld XRF elemental analyzer are stable, accurate and repeatable, and the reliability of the instrument is good.

AXR Scientific selected three different types of gold bracelets from three well-known national gold jewelry brands: pure gold (gold content not less than 99.9%), pure gold (gold content not less than 99%), rose gold (gold content not less than 99%) at 75%), and then analyzed it using a Terra 990 handheld XRF elemental analyzer with the following results:


The results show that the Terra 990 handheld XRF element analyzer can accurately detect the content of precious metal elements in jewelry, and can be used as an on-site analysis tool for precious metal jewelry quality control, identification and trading. At the same time, Terra 990 can also provide customers with scientific pricing basis in the production, sales and recycling of precious metal jewelry. For more details, please visit the company's website or call for consultation.

About AXR Scientific

AXR Scientific is a high-tech manufacturer focusing on the development and application of X-ray technology products. It is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of X-ray industrial inspection solutions.

AXR Scientific currently offer handheld XRF analyzer, handheld alloy analyzer, handheld soil analyzer, handheld lithium battery analyzer, precious metal analyzer, coating analyzer, gold analyzer and online XRF analyzer etc. to global customers. We keep serving global customers in the fields of machinery manufacturing, metal processing, aerospace, petrochemical, mining and geology, food safety, environmental protection, scientific research and etc.

AXR Scientific keeps improving product performance and user experience with R&D advantages and innovative designs, and continues to provide global users with reliable X-ray measure solutions to solve various challenges from routine testing tasks to complex customized measure requirements.

To contact us, please send email to [email protected] or visit our website to know more information
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