Professional Role in Performing Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Posted March 12, 2021 by MurphysCesspoolSepticService

Clogged pipes may occur from a lack of septic system maintenance where the floatable solids get so thick that the entire septic systems fails to work.
Murphy’s Cesspool Sewer & Drain Service is happy to announce arrays of services including commercial grease trap cleaning, septic system installation, dry well cleaning, catch basin cleaning, cesspool service, sewer and drain service and more. To maintain the environment, grease traps should be maintained regularly. Grease is expensive to get rid of. We pride ourselves on doing the right job.

Grease traps vary in size. Large commercial grease separators have a few thousand gallons in capacity. Down to smaller kitchen systems that can be recessed flush to the floor. The best thing is that they can easily fit under commercial sinks. All grease traps have solid bottoms. Grease traps have an outlet pipe and an inlet pipe separated by one or more baffle walls. These walls are given for sorting the floating grease and other kitchen waste. These baffle walls allow for water to flow above certain baffles and below other baffles.

It include stunning process traps solids and sludge’s on the bottom of the grease trap as well as the top. When the gray water exits the outlet pipe after the baffle/baffles. Then it is carried by pipe to either a leaching pool, a cesspool, or a sewer system. The outflow options varies in different areas grease trap systems.

It has commonly seen that septic systems sometimes utilize cesspools in their design. Other alternative drainage system components might include leaching fields or a sump system with leaching ponds to supplement cesspools. Septic tank installation can work as a primary component in the treatment process as it can aid in separating solid sludge and water. Baffle walls play crucial role in separation.

Waste water is drained via a pipe to an overflow pool. Generally, septic tanks come with solid bottoms and are smartly designed to capture solid material similar to a grease interceptor in design and function. Septic tanks come in different sizes from a household septic system to larger commercial septic systems. Bacterial play crucial role in breaking down those solids by digesting them and aiding in taking some burden off or regular maintenance. Septic systems need maintenance and that can’t be avoided.

Gap in maintenance hamper the use of bacteria and septic enzymes and other additives. Most importantly routine maintenance can prolong the life of your system but only when done by a reputable cesspool and septic company. At Murphy’s Cesspool Sewer & Drain Service, we use septic tank system and sewage treatment plants.

Please care to contact Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Tank Service today for all your drainage & sanitary need. Browse our website to collect detailed information.

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