The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and how to choose a shower room?

Posted February 18, 2022 by nbelenic

It can also be made into a "half wall and half glass" style, and the wall below can be designed to store things. For the elderly and children at home, "half wall and half glass" is safer to use.
As the concept of dry and wet separation in bathroom space becomes popular, more and more families choose to install shower rooms. Divided by appearance or style, common shower rooms mainly include shower curtains, shower partitions, in-line, square, diamond, and fan shapes. 1. Shower curtain 1. Pure shower curtain Shower curtain is a more flexible style, basically not limited by space, and has no strict requirements on the size of space. Double-sided design, water-blocking and water-controlling on the inside, and pattern and texture suitable for the space on the outside. Some shower curtains can also be washed or cut. The most commonly used materials for shower curtains are PEVA and PVC. PEVA is made of two materials, PE and EVA. PVC has good transparency, strong and durable, and good drape.

The thickness of the shower curtain is also one of the more concerned factors. The thickness of the shower curtain is usually 0.1-0.15mm. It is not that thicker fabrics are better. Too thick fabrics will affect air permeability and waterproofness, and it is not easy to dry completely, but it is easy to mold. 2. The airtightness of the shower curtain + glass shower curtain is not as good as that of glass, but due to the limitation of space, it is impossible to install the whole shower room, so the combination mode of "shower curtain + glass" was creatively developed. Songlin Lake one-shaped shower curtain shower room adopts PEVA shower curtain + 3C tempered glass two-in-one structure, 46cmX195cm tempered glass, which can effectively block shower water. The creative design of the shower room with racks is convenient for storing bath supplies.

It is 1.2 meters high and meets ergonomic requirements. You can take bath supplies by raising your hand. There is no strict size limit, and it is easy to install. The shower curtain shower room is recommended for those with limited bathroom space at home. If you only install a shower curtain without laying water blocking stones, it can only block the splashing water in the shower, and cannot limit the water flow on the ground. Water blocking needs to be installed in the hard installation stage of laying tiles. It is recommended that no matter whether the shower room is installed later, it is best to install water blocking stones in advance when laying tiles in the bathroom, so as to avoid cumbersome subsequent installation.

2. There are also various styles of shower partitions. Here, we will talk about glass partitions. Since the shower curtain cannot gather water vapor and has poor sealing performance, friends who pursue strict separation of dry and wet can choose shower partitions. The shower partition comprehensively improves the disadvantages of the shower curtain and the independent shower room. It not only achieves the effect of waterproof sealing, but also does not take up too much space. It is visually simpler and more spacious than the independent shower room. It can also be made into a "half wall and half glass" style, and the wall below can be designed to store things. For the elderly and children at home, "half wall and half glass" is safer to use.
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