Right now, many people a

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The man in this case also revealed that he had been harassed many times by female colleagues in the workplace, and also lost his feelings for women https://www.newrealdoll.com
Right now, many people are starting to use these models as emotional anchors. Many of the brand's customers complain that they can't easily meet people or date through various online social media such as WeChat, Jitterbug or Stranger. In response, newrealdoll said: "There is a lot of talk on the Internet that people are stuck in their own homes, feeling lonely and needing company. Fortunately, sex dolls meet the needs of many people. When our partners' factories had been closed for weeks during the outbreak, everyone was under tremendous stress and shipments had been very unpredictable. We were very fortunate to have so many supportive customers who supported us through any situation and are grateful that they kept our business from shutting down during the outbreak and that we held up."


Lonely people in the city began to put their feelings on silicone dolls, walking with them, eating together, watching movies together, planning the future together. Behind the life with dolls is the ultimate human loneliness. Physical dolls and hand-me-downs are originally derivatives of the same secondary culture, so as the birthplace of secondary culture in East Asia, Japan's events about physical dolls naturally occur frequently. For example, a man because extremely fond of virtual idol Hatsune Miku, decided to get married with it. Compared to this incident, is it not a lesser event to fall in love with a sex doll? Only people still wonder: "Why so many excellent girls, the man had to choose a virtual character to get married?"
The man in this case also revealed that he had been harassed many times by female colleagues in the workplace, and also lost his feelings for women as a result. Hatsune was a secondary character, but it brought great comfort to him at the most critical time.


At first, we didn't realize the deeper value of just treating it as an adult toy. This one-sided perception of sex dolls proved to be incorrect. Everyone has different expectations for this particular kind of love and sex. For example, there is a group of sex doll lovers who want to have the most perfect doll possible in their daily lives, and they are more concerned about the integrity of the doll. For those who have lost a loved one or are older, they need companionship more than anything else. So can a sex doll replace a person who has passed away?


There was a man named Steve abroad, he had a happy family, but his wife's tragic death brought him endless loneliness and isolation, so he wanted to buy a real enough sex doll, but he was not willing to customize a sex doll like his wife. He said it would make him feel crazy and he didn't want to be lonely, but he needed to take his mind elsewhere and wasn't ready for a relationship with a new woman, so he chose to buy a ready-made sex doll instead of customizing it. He says that realistic sex dolls are helpful to him because his children and brothers have lives of their own. Sometimes he really doesn't want to see contact and conversation with the outside world, so he just likes the simplicity of life and sex dolls. When he is frustrated, the dolls listen to him quietly and never interrupt him. In fact, he talks a lot with the sex doll about various issues without having to worry about other unexpected reactions. He loves the feeling of cuddling and the sex doll will always meet his needs.


Lev Tolstoy once said, ;Happy families are all alike, unfortunate families have their own misfortunes.; But in this fast-changing society, happiness can be different and misfortune can be similar for individuals. In fact, a civilized and advanced society should be able to accept different individuals and not violate the basic legal bottom line in any way, in addition to being able to open wide. So, treating love dolls with love, we can still look at it reasonably

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