How is NFT Gamification Changing The Gaming Industry?

Posted January 21, 2022 by nexonnft

Let’s take a look at the most notable and common ways NFT games are changing the traditional gaming industry.
NFT Gamification takes specific gaming elements such as competition, checkpoints, point-scoring, and rules of play and involves blockchain technology. This combination has led to the rise of GameFi, where users trade and exchange game assets for financial rewards.

The working process of NFT gaming is relatively simple. The assets used within the game are NFTs and they have a value between players and collectors and can be sold as well.

NFT Gaming is a very important part of our project, and that’s why we would like to share some key details about NFT Gaming and how Nexon Games will change the gaming industry.

How is NFT Gamification changing the gaming industry?
NFT gamification can work in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at the most notable and common ways NFT games are changing the traditional gaming industry.

#1. Income Source Through Play-To-Earn Games
Until now the gaming industry was based on one traditional mode of gaming i.e. play-to-win. In this model, users buy and upgrade items that help them without any real economic benefit. The new play-to-earn model serves as a source of income for players who receive financial rewards for their in-game activities. Basically, there are two ways to earn play-to-earn NFT games — NFT trading or earning in-game rewards and cryptocurrencies.

#2. The Rise of Play-to-Earn Communities
The popularity of this model has created many NFT gaming communities or guilds that help new players to start their journey. Members of these communities can rent in-game assets and avoid paying expensive fees to purchase them, thus lowering the barrier to entry into NFT games. The lender will then receive a percentage of the player’s earnings while the player receives what they want. It is a win-win situation for both.

#3. The Interactivity of Game Assets
One of the biggest factors of NFT games is the interoperability of in-game assets. Traditional console and PC games also have their own ecosystems that are not compatible with each other. Players’ assets and characters will always be limited to the specific game the developers have in full control. However, blockchain-based games claim interoperability. This is the ability to use individual game assets in multiple games if permitted.

#4. NFT Staking
NFT staking has become one of the most popular and interesting developments. In this, NFT games allow users to lock NFTs or cryptocurrencies into smart contracts, which actually generate rewards.

How will Nexon Games upgrade the gaming Sector?
Nexon Games ( )is a sub-platform in the NexonNFT ecosystem that includes NFT Dapp and Metaverse Games. These blockchain-based games and decentralized apps (dApps) empower players to more effectively avail the usefulness and value of in-game purchases and asset acquisitions.

Nexon Games will bring some popular games in the NFT-verse, and in this way, it will not only attract a wide audience of every age group but it will also provide opportunities to earn just by playing these games. Thus, Nexon Games is revolutionizing the gaming industry and providing equal opportunities to everyone. So, check our website, invest in it, and explore the world of blockchain gaming.
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