WoW classic will achieve its first major expansion since 2018

Posted May 27, 2021 by Nfkjasfas

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Reviewing a TV show with the three-letter term"Wow" isn't the most literate or sophisticated method to go about writing a critique, but there it is.

Die Katze ist aus dem Sack: Am 27. Oktober diesen Jahres erscheint die neue WoW-Erweiterung mit dem klingenden Namen "Shadowlands".

Doch auch grafisch macht Shadowlands einen Sprung nach vorne - therefore gibt es nun Anpassungsm?glichkeiten für Zauberdichte, den FpS-Schwellenwert und auch Raytracing-Support.

On July 28th, WoW Classic added Ahn'Qiraj (also called AQ40), among the most legendary raids in vanilla World of Warcraft. Back in the day it had been infamous: Just gaining entry to it takes weeks of an entire server grinding out resources in prep, then hours longer grinding to complete the Scepter of Ahn'Qiraj questline. Then there is a 10-hour war in Silithus, and finally, after all that, guilds can breach the entrance of AQ. In 2006, it was months before players eventually completed the raid. In WoW Classic, it moved a lot faster.

The installation for Ahn'Qiraj remains thrilling. The sand-covered ruins you input through fast reveal themselves as a veil hiding the true horrors below. Fleshy corridors form a sprawling labyrinth, chambers teeming with historical worms and bugs. After fighting your way to the end you confront the captive in the heart of the raid, an old god sealed in the ground, on the verge of breaking free. It is a shame , by today's standards, he is a joke.

The C'Thun players struggle now in WoW Classic isn't the tentacled monster of legend that he was. But was he, really? Based on the skills WoW Classic players have accrued within the previous 15 years, I believe we could take this giant eyeball how that he was intended to be fought. I think we can kill pre-nerf C'Thun, and Blizzard must patch him into WoW Classic to give us that chance.

The story of C'Thun is a story of pity. Players threw themselves against the boss for weeks to no avail. He required a large amount of damage to take down before he enraged and promptly murdered everyone, and also the fight demanded pinpoint positioning out of all the raiders. The battle famously had a bug too, which induced ranged tentacles to spawn behind walls or directly under players, nearly guaranteeing full party wipes. After 80 days without a single clear Blizzard finally nerfed C'Thun to the ground, and he was easily defeated the same day.

It's not just that the raid as a whole is easier for the seasoned WoW players. Resilient is convinced they may take on the"unbeatable" C'Thun, also.

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