NuFlow Implements A Revolutionary Pipe Relining Technique Which Allows For Trenchless Repairs Of Damaged Pipe Systems

Posted May 27, 2022 by NuFlowusa

With a much less invasive technique, pipes are repaired with the PIP method and relined without digging up gardens, driveways, sidewalks, or landscaping, getting the job done in less time in a professional and efficient manner
With their highly skilled specialist staff complement and innovative techniques, US Based NuFlow is a well-established and esteemed market leader at the forefront of a highly competitive industry, restoring pressurized and non-pressurized small diameter piping systems with the use of advanced technological innovations.

According to Tom Bowman, the President of NuFlow,” Trenchless sewer pipe repairs is an outstanding innovation. Plumbers are now able to repair and replace sewer lines without digging any trenches or uprooting gardens. Traditional pipe repairs required digging up the old lines and were labour intensive, costly and tedious. The countless benefits of trenchless line repair technology, including time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and being less intrusive make it the perfect solution. It is an environmentally friendly, guaranteed, durable alternative repair method, addressing several problems, including pipe fractures caused by household debris and tree roots, broken underground pipes beneath houses and apartments, pipe damage due to ground movement and disturbance, damage caused by thawing and freezing, by using trenchless sewer repair system.”

At NuFlow, the strategy is to repair pipelines instead of replacing the entire system, which saves money, time and labour, with minimal disruption and invasion during the repair process. Buildings, driveways and landscaping stays intact by the implementation of this non-invasive innovative repair method, with no digging of unnecessary trenches. Therefore trenchless line repair technology has become a very popular option, being durable and eco-friendly simultaneously.

A camera inspection is done of the corroded pipeline system, after which NuFlow starts the process by cleaning the blocked, root-infested and corroded pipes, using specialized tools. A flexible, epoxy-saturated liner is pushed or pulled into place via existing access points. An internal bladder is inflated, which forces the liner against the membrane of the pipeline system. The resin cures instantly; the bladder is removed, resulting in a pipe within a pipe, resembling a fully lined, repaired pipeline.

NuFlowuses Nudrain is an excellent and trustworthy product to line existing pipes and is used in systems such as drains, sewers, stormwater systems, and roof drains. Pipelining works on all types of drainage piping materials and is suitable for interior and exterior use on pipes ranging from 2 to 12 inches in diameter.

With an increased flow, no more cracks or imperfections in the pipeline, or weak joints, the chances for pollution caused by leaks, are eliminated. The lifespan of the existing pipes is increased as well, and this with hardly any disruption to the environment and can be completed within a day.

About Us:

NuFlow, the US-based innovative industry leader for small diameter pipe restoration and lining, was granted an exclusive license in 2006 by APL to utilize all technologies and patent rights. This made NuFlow the only licensed pipe and rehabilitation company, manufacturing and installing multiple technologies for pressurized and non-pressurized systems.

The acquisition of APL in 2007 put them way ahead of the pack. Specializing in all pipe repairs, sewer pipe repair, lead pipe replacement, pipe reclining, and internal pipe coating, with minimum disruption, Mudflow is the company of choice, completing the job speedily with well-trained staff, at competitive prices.

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