air storage tank plays an important role

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The initial cooling air to let some liquid water surface. The air tank will be depleted regularly; 4. It can protect the compressor from automatic shutdown
The operation of the oil-free air compressor air storage tank plays an important role. When purchasing an air compressor air tank for users, it does not mean that a larger oil tank is better. It should be purchased according to actual needs. The characteristics and other factors are carried out when
1. to store air to meet the sudden and rapid increase in gas consumption of gas equipment;
2. to store air to eliminate flow pulsation in the pipeline.
3. The initial cooling air to let some liquid water surface. The air tank will be depleted regularly; 4. It can protect the compressor from automatic shutdown, the set pressure oil tank is full of air, the air compressor will automatically stop, and the compressor will not be running and waste electricity.

Oil-free air compressors are used to simultaneously improve the quality of compressed air, reduce energy consumption, and meet people's demand for high quality. With social progress and development, energy saving and pollution reduction have become mainstream pursuits, and there is a greater demand for energy-saving products, such as oil-free air compressor products used in many fields, and the introduction of energy-saving products is of great significance. Energy Conservation in China. According to the trend of energy conservation, the development of low carbon and environmental protection, the machinery industry will speed up the updating of traditional production processes and eliminate high energy consumption and environmental protection equipment. This oil-free air compressor industry will be more and more in the future.

How to determine if the oil-free air compressor has too much fuel consumption? It is considered mainly from the following aspects: 1. The appearance of the first mechanical parts has no leakage or oil leakage. 2. The oil has dropped significantly, observe the oil level line in the same working environment and compare the same load pressure of 7bar, the oil level in the tank before, and after the change or after ten minutes of stopping, observe the difference in oil level. 3. Equipped with a water separator machine itself, take a sample from the water separator drain, drain the water in a clean container (glass or bottled water) and precipitation in about five minutes, and then observe whether there is a little - or film oil and gas into hidden container surface. Under normal circumstances, when there is only a little careful inspection of the essential oil of the light color, without precipitation, the water sampling may have the Milky Way, which is normal. The machine is not equipped with an oil-water separator to observe the drainage of the gas tank. The comparison of the normal discharged water before and after is to take out more oil.
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