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Here’s What You Need To Do When You Run Out Of Gas
Despite the best-laid plans, the chances are that at some point, you will find yourself in the tricky situation of being stranded on a highway with an empty gas tank.
Whether you forgot to stop at the last gas station or you underestimated the number of miles your car could power through on low fuel, running out of gas on a highway is a driver’s biggest nightmare.
Running out of gas is unavoidable at one time or another when you don’t have a thorough understanding of the fuel economy of your vehicle. Although highly frustrating, it is something that one can easily avoid.
Knowing what you should do when your car runs out of gas ahead of time can help make the best of an unfortunate moment.
So what to do if you run out of gas on a highway or a remote location?
The first thing you should do is get to a safe place, determine your location, and call a roadside assistance provider. Whether it is your friends or family, your vehicle insurance, GetResqued providers available on the Roadside Assistance App, or numerous resources that can help you in this situation.
What Should I Do When I Run Out of Gas?
Once you have safely made it off the road, remain inside your vehicle with the seatbelt on, make sure that your ignition is turned off, take in a deep breath, and start mulling over your options.
Determine Where You Are – If you were to ask for help, you need to identify your location. If you are in a busy locality, it shouldn’t be a problem. Street numbers on houses or buildings and street signs can give you the exact location.
GetResqued App – When you run out of gas, you can immediately download the GetResqued roadside assistance app and use their free Roadside Assistance membership to get in touch with nearby providers for help. It has a reliable network of service providers available 24/7/365 to cater to all your roadside assistance needs.
Car Insurance – Car insurance policies often cover the towing services that offer a single tow per year. Alternatively, you can call a towing company to take you to the nearest gas station.
Family or Friends – Although the chances of you running out of gas in close vicinity to your family or friends are slim, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call and explain the situation if your other calls don’t pan out. They might be able to get you some assistance by making a few calls.
9-1-1 – Even though running out of gas doesn’t appear to be an emergency, calling 9-1-1 might be your only option left if all else fails. If you are stranded in a location where your vehicle can cause danger to you or others, or if you are blocking the traffic, then this call should be your priority.
What Happens When You Run Out of Gas? How Does Your Car Act?
You might assume that when your car runs out of gas, the engine stops running abruptly. However, it doesn’t exactly happen that way.
The good thing is that your car will display signs and symptoms of fuel starvation. The empty sign on the fuel gauge, as well as the other warning signs, will collectively give you a heads up that your fuel reserve has been depleted, suggesting you should pull your vehicle safely to the side.

When the gas gauge of your vehicle is on empty, look for the following signs to confirm that you have run out of gas:
Power Loss – One of the first signs of an empty gas tank is the loss of power. It will be the most evident when you are driving uphill. When you press the gas pedal and the car doesn’t accelerate, it is likely that fuel starvation is the reason.
Engine Spluttering – Cars need a certain level of gas for the engine to start. When your gas tank has entrapped air and insufficient fuel, the engine is going to splutter. Hiccupping or bumping of the engine indicates that you have run out of gas.
Surging – The inconsistent fuel supply can cause your engine to surge, which can be felt as a jerking motion from behind the wheel. It is almost as if your vehicle stops temporarily and then thrusts forward abruptly.
Backfire – If you hear a loud pop, much like a firework going off, it could be a sign that your car is out of gas. Although it is relatively uncommon in newer vehicles, it can occur in the exhaust systems of older vehicles.
What to Do If You Run Out of Gas on a Highway
Now that you have some information about who should call and what signs to look out for when your vehicle is out of gas, here is a detailed account of some steps that you can take to get out of the out-of-gas situation on a highway.
Pull Your Vehicle to Safety
When you are running out of gas, ensure that you protect yourself and other drivers from accidents or potential hazards. Usually, when your engine is starved of fuel, it will start jerking or will splutter. Use this time to get out of the traffic.
As soon as you notice the signs of low fuel and that the fuel indicator is on, turn on the hazard lights instantly and steer your vehicle as farther away from the road as possible so that you are not blocking the traffic.visit this website =
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